Fuji Instax 300 with old lens

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  1. After watching some videos on how to fit old lenses to Fuji Instax cameras (like these: and https://youtu.be/M1XpKIrsm9c ) I might decide to try it myself; for this I have:

    1) An Instax 300 camera with the lens unfolded that doesn't work.
    2) A Tessar 4.5/10.5cm lens mounted on a Compur shutter from an old Kodak camera; Focusing is done by rotating the front element between 1.2m and infinity.

    My fundamental question is what should I keep in the final montage and also what would be the sequence to get the print: do I shoot with the mechanical shutter first and then press the shutter on the Instax? Has anyone tried a similar adaptation and could give me the fundamental lines to start that project?

    Thanks for the help
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  2. This video might assist you to do the conversion.

    Your Compur shutter will be the only shutter on the camera by the time the conversion is done, and the button on the Instax will only be for the print ejection.
  3. Thanks, kmac

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