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  1. Has anyone shot the new fuji instant 4x5 film. I ordered a box
    from Badger Graphic which I will receive soon. I could not fine
    any information on this film other that it is supposed to make
    high quality instant who knows what? Positives? Maybe
    negatives, etc.
    If you have any info or links I will surely appreciate it.
  2. which one are you talking about??? fp-100c or fp-100b??? they are not
    really new, fuji usa has just decided to import them.

    the fp-100c color film is amazing stuff, actually polaroid 689 aka
    vivid was fp-100c packaged as polaroid brand film.

    fuji instant films were not available in the USA due to the fact that,
    fuji had to license the technology from polaroid. part of the
    licensing deal was that fuji was not to "invade" the USA market with a
    competing film.

    i guess after polaroids' debacle, they were unable to prevent fuji
    from entering the US market.

    I have heard that the black and white film was pretty awesome, have
    not yet tried any. But if I remember it is only available in pack film
    (aka 550 style) not individual sheets. But, I could very well be

    A lot of pros were (and still are) using fp-100c for years, as its
    color and over all quality blew type 59 (669) and type 79 (679) away.

    I have yet to try the new type 690, but I have heard it is pretty
    good, it is less sensitive to temperture and processing time mistakes.

  3. It is the FP100-C 4x5 that I ordered. I am glad to hear your
    comments about its color quality.
    One more question, Do you use the fuji quick load holder for it?I
    just hope I don't need another gadget to use it.
    Thanks again
  4. This is the instant color film we have been using in Europe for
    testing since 1990 and has completly taken over polaroid due to
    its much better quality. It is more like an Iso 125 so when
    shooting EPR 64 you open up one stop. When using Astia or
    Provia open up 1/3 to 1/2 from the test. For highlights to separate
    and shadows to open up it need to dry.

  5. If it is 4x5 pack film (it will be a 10 sheet box) then you need a
    polaroid 550 holder or a fuji instant holder. They pop up on ebay all
    the time just type in "polaroid 550" or "fuji instant". It works
    exactly like 600 series polaroid (aka medium format pack film) and it
    also gives you a full frame 4x5 not a 3 x 1/4 x 4 x 1/4 like polaroid
    sheet film does. Also, it is centered unlike polaroid sheet film.

    FYI- Polaroid 500 series pack film will also give you a full frame,
    when I worked at Fotocare in NYC I was able to talk with Vern McClish,
    formerly of Polaroid. He told me that 500 series film never took off
    because polaroid never really promoted it, thus most photographers
    don't even know it exists. You can get type 53, 54, 59, and 79 in 500
    series film packs. It than becomes 553, 554, 559, 579.

  6. For me another reason the 500 series filmpacks never took off was that 1) there was
    no savings in buying the packs over the individaul sheets and 2) your flexability was
    more limited and finally 3)inherently, a pack film holder is not going to have as good
    flatness as a single sheet holder. So, I will stick with the single sheets.
  7. Whoops ... I spoke too soon. I just called Jeff and it is his understanding that it will
    be 4x5 single sheets that will work in the 545 series holders. The announcement is
    brand new and Badger has not seen any of the film yet. Jeff expects it in stock in
    three weeks.

    Assuming all that is correct it will be great because the Fuji 100/Polaroid 689 is more
    highly saturated with more vivid colors than T79.
  8. http://www.fujifilm.com/JSP/fuji/epartners/PREventDetailPage.jsp?DBID=NEWS_547204&CAT_ID=-1007


    Instant Film Features New Direct Positive Sigma Crystal Technology, Image Stability Technology and Development Process Accelerating Technology for Enhanced Image Quality
    PMA 2003, LAS VEGAS, March 2, 2003 – Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., today introduced its new FP line of instant film for professional photographers at PMA 2003. Incorporating Fujifilm's new Direct Positive Sigma Crystal Technology, new Image Stability Technology and new Development Accelerating Technology, the FP line produces superb quality prints with little to no gradation imbalance from highlights to shadows, superior light fading characteristics and reduced color variations caused by elongated peeling time.

    Ideally suited for a wide range of commercial applications, including product photography, CRT image recording, microphotography and identification and portrait photography, this new daylight film is optimized for use either under direct sunlight or electronic flash. The new FP line includes: the FP-100C, an ISO 100 color film available in 4x5 and 3.25x4.25; the FP-100B, an ISO 100 black and white film available in 3.25x4.25; the FP-3000B, an EI 3200 black and white film available in 3.25x4.25; and the FP-3000B45, an EI 3200 black-and-white film in 4x5 format.

    "With an unparalleled ability to produce exceptional prints under a variety of lighting and climate conditions, the FP line will set itself apart as the clear favorite in instant film for professional photographers," said Steve Herstatt, Director of Marketing, Professional Products, Commercial Imaging Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "Fujifilm is steadfast in its commitment to consistently raise the bar by developing the most technologically innovative products that enable professional photographers to expand the range of their creativity. The versatility, durability and quality showcased in the new FP film line demonstrate that commitment."

    Direct Positive Sigma Crystal Technology
    Direct Positive Sigma Crystal Technology minimizes the decrease in sensitivity, color balance variations and the gradation imbalance prevalent in other peel-apart film, when shooting under conditions of low illumination or with long exposures.

    Image Stability Technology
    As part of Fujifilm's new Image Stability Technology, a clear, protective layer has been introduced to cut ultraviolet light, while a new color dye stabilizer enhances the dye durability. This innovation results in a significant improvement in light fading to approximately one-fourth that of current peel-apart film.

    Development Process Accelerating Technology
    Fujifilm's new Development Process Accelerating Technology facilitates the acceleration of silver development and of the dry-release reaction, resulting in an extended usable temperature range and reduced color variations caused by extended peel times.

    Fujifilm's new FP line will be available in the U.S. market in the second quarter of 2003.
  9. Just received this email from Fuji.

    Dear ProNet Member,

    Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., is pleased to officially introduce for the
    first time to the American professional photographic market place, the
    Fujifilm branded line of 'peel apart' professional instant film.

    Worldwide, professional photographers have recognized the special
    qualities of Fujifilm's Professional Instant Film. Now, photographers
    working in the U.S.A. will have direct access to this product line
    through Fujifilm Professional authorized dealers and labs.

    The Fujifilm series of Instant Professional Film is ideally suited for a
    wide range of commercial applications including image preview or
    proofing for portrait or product photography, CRT image recording,
    microphotography, and identification and portrait photography.

    The Fujifilm Instant Film line features the latest generation of
    Fujifilm FP-100C. This ISO 100 color pack film is highly regarded for
    its high quality color reproduction. Now, with the latest generation,
    users will benefit from longer lasting prints and greater tolerance to
    extended temperature ranges. FP-100C is available in 3.25 x 4.25 and
    4x5 packs.

    In addition to FP-100C, two black and white emulsions are available.
    Fujifilm FP-100B ISO 100 black and white is available in 3.25 x 4.25
    pack size. Fujifilm FB-3000B, a high speed EI 3200 emulsion is
    available in both 3.25 x 4.25 and 4x5 pack formats.

    For details on the features and benefits of this exceptional film line,
    please go to http://www.fujifilmpronet.com/instantfilm.asp
    to have a Fujifilm Sale Representative contact you.

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