Fuji GX680 mk1 remote release

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by anthony_harrison|2, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. About to buy a 680 but realised I didn't know what sort of release
    is used on the original 680 - standard Compur threaded mechanical,
    or a special electronic plug-in? I always use MF SLRs with MLU and
    cable release, so the latter is essential. Thanks.
  2. The Fuji I, II, and III GX680 all use the electronic plug in type, not the old style machanical screw in. The I and II model will not work on the III and vice a versa, so says Fuji. The release that Fuji makes for the camera is a real nice one and I'm sure you will love using it. Good luck with your Fuji!
  3. MLU and Fuji GX680-I don't mix very well: in the sense that after each shot one has to press the mirror down button on the body. If you are using a remote release AND you want to take the next shot you have to come back to your camera and do this on the body. The Remote release has no mirror up/down function.

    In any case, if you use remote release on GX680-I, be prepared to first do the MLU on the body, and use the Release to press shutter -- Unlike a Rollei 6001/3/8 remote release, which has a MLU and the shutter release on its Remote. GX680 remote is a special cable. It is not mechanical. The good thing is: the remote is long.

    GX680-III is a slightly different story. The mirror will stay in locked position even for the next shot. After each shot, you will hear a thwack for the mirror to come down and then immediately go back to the lock up position (another thwach). But at least you can continue to use the MLU, shot after shot. The MLU button is missing from its remote too! HTH.
  4. Thanks to you all for the information - clearly I have to make sure I get the special release. I wonder if Fuji still supply the model for the 680 mk1 & 2...? Lakhinder, the procedure you describe sounds pretty similar to that I've been following for several years with the Mamiya RZ, so it's no real problem.
  5. Anthony, the GX680 release is available fairly easily. Check the auction site and also at www.gx680.com and, of course photo.net.

    I guess I am spoiled by the MLU of a Rollei 6001. It is easy and convenient on its remote release. (To be fair, 6001 does not have
    a MLU un-do button. But that seems to be normal too-- As on a Hasselblad. I like the Fuji MLU up and down control very much.)

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