Fuji GSW690III w/65mm Lens, Need a Center filter?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by brad_herman|1, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. I have a Fuji GSW690III camera with a 65mm F/5.6 EBC Lens. I've heard from some
    users that it is recommended that you get a Center Filter to address light fall-
    off on this wideangle lens.

    Has anyone run into this or is this necessary?


  2. No need for one.
  3. What Mike said- the lens isn't particularly wide- equal to about 28mm in 35mm format- so there's no vignetting at the edges. I've never heard anyone recommend a center-gradient filter for this lens/camera.
  4. no.its a really sweet lens.
  5. Thanks guys. Brad
  6. As the other posters said, I can say that a center filter is unnecessary with this camera.

    There is some vignetting apparent when shooting big expanses of sky with the lens fully open at f/5.6, but it isn't bothering me.

    Enjoy your camera,

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