Fuji GSW690III discontinued?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by vuthy_chrun, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. I just learned from speaking with a Fuji USA service rep that the
    GSW680III is DISCONTINUED. Would somebody know whether Fuji is
    preparing a new replacement model or this camera is simply extinct
    from Fuji's ccatalog? The Fuji rep would not tell me anything.
  2. 690III or 680III?
  3. I don't know, but I am aware that only the GW670III and GW690III (both with 90/3.5 lens) are listed on Fuji's website. There is now no mention of the GSW690III with 65/5.6 lens. I'd be interested in knowing for sure, as I have the GW690III, and have been thinking about one day getting the GSW...
  4. It's such a completely wrong move, if it's so. What they should have done was ADD a wide angle 6x7 (ie, create a GSW 670III by putting the lovely 65mm lens on the 670 camera).

    Still, I guess they've got to do what the market compels them to do.
  5. I agree with John. The 65mm on the 670 would have been a great camera and a fantastic alternative to the Mamiya 7II. Heck, you could have gotten both the GW670 and the (hypothetical) GSW670 for less than the cost of a M7 with one lens! Pity.
  6. Yeah, and a GTW690III with a nice telephoto. The buggers.
  7. I believe a GW680 is/has been made but has not been available in the USA. Fuji is, of course, no stranger to that somewhat odd ball size.
    And, yes indeed, a GTW670 would be wonderful. What lens? 200mm? F4 would be nice but it would be a heavy son of a gun. 4.5? 5.6?
    What do you think?
    Meanwhile, I'll continue to shoot happily with my GSW690.
  8. A GTW would be intersting, as the W stands for wide :) I'd like to see either a 55 or even 45mm lens, perhaps a GEW690? EW=extra wide...
  9. Actually, the W does not stand for wide - the GW690III and GW670III are the standard versions. The GSW690III is the wide version. It would make sense for the W to be Wide - but it ain't. Perhaps a 50mm, 100mm, 200mm set would be good, although I would still rather have 3 lenses and 1 body than 3 bodies with lenses - Yes its great value having the body thrown in for free, but how many bl***y cameras do I want hanging around my neck when I'm travelling? Its bad enough having a GW and my EOS, drives you bl***y mad. Fuji could also do something about the close focussing at the same time. Great camera, but a few shortcomings. Make a System for us if you're reading, Fuji. Please.

    Also, according to Fuji UK (phoned them just now) it is NOT discontinued here - but the different Fuji offices are independent and do as they please. Neither are they planning to do away with it in the UK, as they are still selling them. Ultimately, Tokyo are the decision makers on what lives or dies.


    This is the link for e-mails to fuji uk - to contact them and demand they listen to us! We shall unite! We shall stamp our feet! We shall never roll over and accept!

    LMAO! still, i'm gonna ask for a telephoto version even if you lot aren't!
  10. Well, here's what I sent Fuji. If enough do so, they might consider it.

    I am currently using a GW690III, and would like to suggest an addition to the line up. You have a GSW690III, which I am currently thinking of getting, but no telephoto version. As the close focussing distance is not particularly impressive on the GW, it would be a very handy camera - and full-frame portraiture would be possible too. Perhaps making a wide and tele version of the 6x7 version would be a good idea too - the forums on www.photo.net are always mentioning all of these, and I believe they would be popular sellers.

    Mark Crame.
  11. Well, I was certain that the W =wide and SW = superwide. Rather an exageration on both fronts, as they are the equivalent of 39mm and 28mm respectively in 35mm terms...
    I'll support the idea of a 180mm etc etc version, if you'll all back me up on a 45mm landscape ultra wide!!! :) Dave.
  12. FUJI!!!!!!!!

    WE WANT A 45MM! ME AND MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. FUJI,

    We also want a GW690III with a 135mm f/4 lens that can close focus, uses 52mm filters, and have a nice VENTED clip on rectangular lens shade.
  14. If, as Mark Crane points out, you can still get the GSW900III in the UK then things really haven't changed much at all, since the UK has always been the cheapest place to get them: http://www.robertwhite.co.uk.

    Regarding David B's comment, I'd LOVE a 45mm 670 or 690. Mamiya would wet their pants if Fuji made it. Their 43mm lens is considered THE reason to get the M7 (and it is). If Fuji could put this together you'd have a really tough time convincing anyone but the super wealthy that the M7's center-weighted light meter is worth the extra $1000.

    Okay, I'm off to Fuji's site to make a few suggestions.
  15. Ha, wouldn't you know it? I went to Fuji's site, but there's no means for you to send them suggestions or ask specific questions. All you can do is request brochures and inquire about promotions. Guess that explains a few things.
  16. Hi,

    Fuji has dropped all the informations about the rangefinder cameras for 120/220 films from their Japanese official website. So I've just called the information service of Fujifilm in Japan and made sure that the GW680III, GW690III, GSW680III and GSW690III are "still" in production but the GW670III for foreign market is discontinued, which means that in the near future only 6x9 format models will be availabe outside Japan, sad to say.

    Hope this would be of any help.
  17. Perhaps they should rethink the way they approach things - they have the potential of an incredibly high selling system - a hand-holdable 6x9 or 6x7 that could be as popular, at that price, as say, a high end SLR. Give us interchangeable lenses (3-5) that are of the same quality as the ones they currently have- which means more people would buy into the system - I don't want to carry 2 or 3 bodies and use 2 or 3 rolls of film when I can carry one with a choice of lenses - perhaps a centre-weighted meter (it's not really neccessary, but would be useful, and would shift more units) and a more sturdy shutter. Do something about that poxy lenshood, so we don't all have to get the hacksaws out, and maybe produce a decent flash for it too. AND ADVERTISE IT. Nobody in the UK seems to know about it - I have never seen another one. It is rarely reviewed in the magazines (when I saw it, I bought it, after not making the step to MF because of the bulk of the cameras I was aware of). If they are dropping it, it would be an economics issue most probably, so why not make it more appealing to buyers and raise the profile?

    And I want a free system as my commission Fuji.

  18. Everytime I use my GSW690, I'm amazed. The 65mm Fujinon lens is outstanding. Count me in for the tele version. However, I'll shed no tears for the absent 6 X 7 versions. It's a 6 X 9 camera and you can always crop if you like. One modification they could add is a hinged 6 X 7 mask (anyone ever use an Ensign Selfix?)and convert the *useless* 120 half roll setting to a 6 X 7 advance setting. Voila, a convertable 6 X 9 / 6 X 7 camera.
  19. i notices that both the gsw690 and gsw670 were on display at photoplus east. the rep told me that there were no immediate palns to add or delete anything (i specifically asked about rumors i had heard of tele-version). fuji is a very weird cmpany -- right never knows what left hand etc etc. the rps also denied any knowledge of fuji's neat LF products -- including their FABULOUS new grafmatic film pack holder (identical in function to the graflex but holds eight shots and septum are plastic). i also noticed that the the gsw/gw have provision on their counters for that oddball "half-roll" 120/220 film available in japan. are these the only cameras so equipped. why is the half roll size popular. it's bad enough getting only 8 shots a roll with 120/6x9!!
  20. Rumours of a Tele-version? Brilliant! Where did you hear that? Just what I've been hoping for.
  21. Here is a Fuji input port that seems to care about what we think:


    I've had nothing but good experiences with them.
  22. BTW, if you call, tell them I still want a 670 with a 200mm f4 that will focus to one meter. Greedy? Oh yeah. :)

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