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  1. After some thought I decided to post some results from my Fuji GS 645S here. Although it has a mechanical shutter and can operate without battery, it is probably too new to be a true classic by forum definition. I like to think of it as a modern film camera in the classic tradition.
  2. While big, the 645S is lightweight and with rangefinder it is easy to focus. It has match diode metering with the display in the finder. Anyone who can operate a late 60's fixed lens 35mm camera should be able to work this one with a minimum of fuss. For my photos I used Plus-X (remaining supplies are selling out fast) and Verichrome Pan (still hoarding a few rolls).
  3. In the previous photo I used my ancient Sunpak 311 flash. This was done with Verichrome Pan.
    The remaining photos were done without flash using the meter's recommended settings.
  4. A few from our recent snow.
  5. More snow.
  6. Finally, another view from Mississippi State. This breezeway has been between the geosciences and physics divisions of Hilbun Hall for decades. Railing and trim are fairly new, though.
  7. Oops. Somehow missed the photo so here it is.
  8. Beautiful graduations of tone from those big negatives, Mike. The GS645's are an odd camera in some respects, but the Fujinon lens is superb. I really like "Looking South" with it's very soft contrast, and "Breezeway" is an interesting image. I think I would have cropped away some of the brickwork at the sides...but it's all in the eye of the beholder! Thanks for featuring an unusual camera.
  9. Thanks, Rick. The GS 645S, BTW, has a semi-wide 60mm f4, which I think is the equivalent of a 38mm optic for full frame 35mm. There is also the folding GS 645, which has a 75mm f3.4 lens. They seem to go for more than the 645S. In addition to these rangefinder models, there is scale focusing 645 that has a 45mm f5.6 (equivalent to 28mm) that is available as well.
  10. Nice shots mike. Your posts from MSU always make me a bit homesick. Hopefully, when I get finished with school in June, I'll be able to get back there more often.
  11. Cory- definitely try get back to MSU when you can. I'm teaching chemistry lab at a teacher workshop in June so I will be on campus several weeks so I can take photos in my spare time.

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