Fuji GA645Zi light leak

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by paul hart, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. My test roll with my newly acquired GA645Zi emerged as follows:
    Frames 1 - 8: no problems.
    Frames 9 - 12: light leak affecting lower edge of each frame.
    Frames 13 - 16: light leak affecting both lower and upper edges of each frame.
    My thinking was initially that this is not a problem with the camera. If it were, all frames would surely have been affected? So I concluded that the film was not wound tightly enough, hence the progressively worse light leak towards the end of the film.
    However, I have now noticed that the rear window showed it was set for 220 film rather than 120. I understand this setting affects the pressure plate as the film advances.
    Could this have been the cause of my problems?
  2. It will certainly not cause the camera itself to leak. I suppose it could cause the roll to be wound a bit less tightly and therefore makes it possible that the sides of the roll leak a bit of light when out of camera. But 220 is a thinner film than 120, because of the lack of paper backing. One would assume that in 220 position the pressure plate is closer or presses harder to the film rather than less. Was the film wound tigthly? You can immediately see if it is loose when taking the roll out. It is also good to keep the used rolls in light tight container especially when shooting outdoors in strong sunlight.
  3. Thanks Ilkka, that's helpful.
    I have since run a test roll through, set at 120, and it was good and tight when removing it after exposure. The previous roll felt a bit loose in comparison. Hopefully it's sorted now!
  4. I consider myself quite handy and should have no problems with loading/unloading 120-film... Or so I thought:( I really must load/unload very carefully or even the minutest slack in the film will appear. This far the light leak has not came all the way into the picture area but darn close. In your case the unloading must have been the "leaky" process, so be careful next time.
    BTW: Consider yourself happy with the 645Zi a fantastic camera! Love mine!

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