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  1. I used around 44 Fuji slide films while in Sri Lanka and given the whole lot to a small lab in Colombo to do the processing, most of the films ended with distortions, lines running down from the sky downwards which can be seen in the sample I am posting here, this sample just been scanned and re sized, no any alterations been made to it and the defect can bee seen on the sky and to right hand side of the image. I am not sure if this is caused by the camera itself, or is it because I been loading the film out door as the film run long from one point to another which makes it a subject for light, or is it because of the processing defects. I request you to advice please as I intend to use this camera on my next trips to Thailand and Sri Lanka again Thank you and all of the best.
  2. The sample is a bit hard to see but looking at it looks like light leaking. Have you spoken to the lab about the problem. This would be my starting point. Go in there with your film and ask (if you can).
    Are the light leaks in the other shots consistent with each other.
    Shoot another few rolls and send them to another lab and see if you get the same result.
  3. Dear Matt, I did speak to the lab personnel and they told e that this has nothing to do with their
    processing of the film, not all but the majority of the films had this and some even more sign of this

    The film to load from one spool to another is a long run, I am not sure yet what happened, also this
    lab in Sri Lanka and now I am back to my country, we do not have labs to process slide films any
    more here but I can test using negatives films.
  4. Could be (difficult to tell from the small size image - can you post a larger image of the effected part only?) the result of bending/buckling of the film. Which happens when it is handled, separated from the backing paper, i.e. in the lab.<br>Bending often also leaves a vivsible buckle in the film, best visible in reflected light.
  5. Thank you my friend Q.G. de Bakker, I post here portion of the image
  6. Still difficult. The arced aspect of it would suggest it's not a light leak during loading or unloading, would point towards a bend.<br>It could perhaps also be lens flare, but i think it doesn't look right, and it probably is not.<br>How does the film (physically) look? Any signs of it having been squeezed into a bend?
  7. No my friend, the films all are straight, what I will do, I will scan another one with more signs of this
    problem, not just the sort of light on the right but marks run down from top down wards.
  8. This is the sort of scaling and distortions I am getting and its easy to see that in the lighter areas of the image, specially the sky.
  9. I am sorry to repeat all this, I apologize for the inconvenience, please This is another part of the same image showing the distortions in the sky
  10. Do you have a loupe and light box or other way to inspect the transparencies themselves closely? To verify that that
    discoloration or whatever it is in on the transparencies and not just scan or digital artifacts.
  11. Yes my friend Andy, these are very large slides, 6X17cm each frame work, I do have a medical x-
    ray light box and I can clearly see the distortions on the film, I have seen this even when I was in
    Sri Lanka before I return home but the lab man there kept denying that the fault is his and because
    I did not know what is wrong I couldn’t argue, I do not like to blame any one but my self.

    Thank you my friend a lot.
  12. Looks like you really need to shoot another roll or two and have it processed by another lab to start ruling out possible causes.
    If the film still has the problem after a different lab, then maybe it is your film.
    So shoot a roll with film from a new source.
    You will narrow it down.
  13. The nature of the streaks seem to hint of a problem in processing. They do not look like the typical light leaks that cause exposure and color shift. If I had to guess, I would say problems with the processing. As someone else suggested, shoot a roll of negative film, take it to a different lab and see if the problem is duplicated.
  14. Thank you a lot, I will try with another film and see what happen, thanks to every one and wishing
    you all of the best.
  15. These films I ordered from b&h, could while these shipped to here been subject to x-rays at
    different customs and check points and thats what caused this problem?, please
  16. it


    I would not use a small lab in Colombo for anything let alone this kind of job.
    I've had bad experiences with a couple of labs in Asia and now only use pro labs for processing.
  17. That looks like the film is being bent when it is inserted into the processor. Try a different lab.
  18. If you would shoot a roll of high speed film (maybe 800 speed), light leaks will be more pronounced. Also the time between shots that the camera is in strong light will increase the effect. Luggage is subjected to more powerful x-rays than people but B&H is very reputable and I would think their labels would have some kind of warning for the TSC folks. B&H film would not be outdated. Light leaks (the ones that I have had) don't typically have the subtle variations that your photos show. I'm thinking the problem will go away with a good processing company. Good luck.
  19. I really think the film has been physically 'abused' at some point. The broad vertical bands suggest the film was pinched between rollers, likely at the lab or - just possibly - in your camera. The smaller smeared artifacts suggest physical damage to the film when it was wet. Look at the reflected surface with a loupe, viewing it at an angle with a bright back light. I suspect you'll see smearing in the upper layer of the emulsion. Try another lab!
  20. I understand that the lab. might not have done a good job with my films, yet also this camera back
    is too large and I am not a technician to probably check if this back is closing ok or it is leaking
    light, I did check the seal and thats sound ok.

    Thank you all, for sure this time time will go to another lab.
  21. Hi, Just read this and agree with Malcom looks so much like creasing/buckling of the film, (or even touch of static?) while loading in processor, so would suspect lab. I use a G617 and never had light leaks, anyway light would have to get through backing paper of roll to show up where the marks are so unlikely. If you have any black masking tape and still think its the back, load your film and put the tape round the seal then shoot the roll. If black masking tape only on for an hour or so will pull off without leaving marks/adhesive.

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