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  1. Just got the news that Fuji has officially announced the discontinuation of the last of their peel apart instant films. Sad day!
  2. Could we have a link to this?
  3. And I just got a Polaroid 340. Bleep!
  4. Oops....here is a copy of the link to the Fuji Japan site

  5. damn it
  6. Unless Impossible picks up the pack film....my nice Polaroid EE100 Special will be dead in the water. I've stocked up on
    a few dozen packs of Fuji 3000b&w....but I only have a small amount of the color. This is getting really tiring.
  7. Well Dave we can also dream on New 55.
  8. I love the New 55....but man, is it ever spendy!!!
  9. Supply and demand Dave. Now I see that this I think it could make more demand and the supply will go up if it can be made in the packs.
  10. As I +1'd to a post on APUG - "expletive deleted"
    I've been shooting a decent amount of the stuff and have been clearing the negative part to print (as a B&W) in the darkroom. It has a cool and slightly different look doing that. Oh well, I ordered some packs of it from Freestyle this morning when I saw the news. I'm not surprised, but I am a bit peeved.
  11. Fuji stopped already a bit earlier with the production of this FP100C. What is in the pipeline is already not too many films.
    Within a few months it will be finished.
  12. True Robert. I am purchasing another 20 packs of Fuji 3000B to add to my stash of b&w. I just wish the option was
    available for people years from now to try these films...instead of just read about them.
  13. And unlike many other films, they don't store well, even cold.
    At least the Polaroid versions didn't, I expect there are similar.
  14. The amount of comments is very telling. I was
    expecting world of photography to be outraged and
    we barely got a "meh" on photo.net. It's sad the
    product is unique and truly professional not like the
    bodged 'artsy' editions of the impossible film. I have
    not been using it exclusively (I shoot more film than
    instant) but at least here in the UK the price has been
    prohibitive compared to main europe or the US;
    anywhere between £16 to £20...
  15. Patrick, there is a signature campaign that has been signed of buy more than 10,000 people. If everyone was buying
    1pack a month, Fuji could easily keep it alive.
  16. already signed, dave. It was close to 10k this morning. Sucha shame, Fuji Instax has been a success, fp100c is
    certainly missing proper marketing. I wanted to purchase some from regular film suppliers and prices have been
    already hiked... hammer those nails!
  17. I ordered three packs yesterday but I don't know if the order will be filled. The item was listed as not being in stock. I bought five packs today and also one pack of the 3000 speed b&w film. The b&w film is $10 more than the color film so I will think about how much of it I want to get. I have two Polaroid 250 cameras and an AAA battery adapter. If my memory of this is correct, my mother bought her 250 in 1972 when the Grants chain in NY went out of business. The references I have seen show that the 250 was made from '67 - '69 so it must have been NOS. The cold clip and portrait attachment and flashbulb (cube) attachment bring back memories. I have been thinking about using the 250s for a while and did not think that Fuji might eventually discontinue the film. In the old days you would send a Polaroid print in and get reprints or enlargements. I suppose it's easier now. We can just scan the prints. Years from now people will look back and be surprised that the FP100C stayed in production as long as it did. I wonder whether it's possible for the Impossible Project to make a successor product?
  18. It should be easier than the film Impossible Project is making now, if they decide to do it.
    Even easier should be the black and white film.
  19. Impossible has reached out to Fuji - and I believe they did when the FP-3000b was discontinued as well. The response was pretty much "no way" in terms of transferring the production line to another entity. Fuji's just not interested in bothering, it seems.

    Impossible could make the film - I believe they've made 8x10 peel-apart. The problem is making the packs, and having an efficient way of making and folding the inside materials.
  20. To be pretty clear: Impossible in the Netherlands can not make the film because they need the special Fuji machinery and Fuji do not want to share this technology. Further Impossible has no financial resourses at the moment for such a project. They have already hard times to improve their own product line.
    My shop for FP100C was sold out within one day and the question is: Can we get some new delivery?
  21. [​IMG]
    60 packs normally enough for over a half year, now sold out within 12 hours ....
  22. If retailers do get more , the price is already jacked up to where it is not feasible, for me to buy any. And then you have people buying it just to exploit it on ebay.
  23. Robert, so you have heard that Fuji would rather let the tech die than simply let it go if they are no longer involved? That
    sounds ridiculous to me.
  24. Is Fuji still producing their other instant films?
    Stopping this could increase demand for their cameras and other films.
  25. Now that's interesting!
    I hope thing will move in the right direction!
  26. Are any of you gentlepeople in Europe? I'm not necessarily interested in packfilm per se, but I'd like to have a couple of empty cartridges (or however one calls them). I might get a pack of film, but then I'd be taking it away from people who can actually shoot it...

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