Fuji Finepix S3 Pro tethering software

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by cliff coles, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Bought an S3 but necessary software (Hyper-Utility Software HS-V2 Ver.3) for
    tethered shooting was not included and I haven't been able to find it. In the
    UK, yes, but will not ship to me. Any FujiFinePix owners know where I can come
    by such software? Plus, I would like to have a spare battery holder for the S3
    but alas, again, cannot find such an item. Thanks for your help.
  2. I just re-read my post and it sounds as if I am looking for 'pirated' software. No, I am not. I am looking for a place to BUY the software and extra battery holder. Thanks.
  3. Capture One from Phase One supports what you are looking for.
  4. Sorry but Capture one does Fuji raw conversion, but does not support tethered shooting for that you need Fuji's Hs-v2 3.0 and you should be able to get that from any Fuji dealer or even from Fuji themselves. The same goes for the spare Batt. holder, I have 3 and some times I need them all.
    best regards, Ed
  5. bibble labs mite do it

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