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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by juan_bonet, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. I would like what you think about the Fuji films for color prints,
    Reala, Superia...
  2. Sorry, I forgot it, what is the best (for you) Fuji film for color prints in 120, for lanscapes?
  3. Juan, you may be unfamiliar with this site's terrific search facility. Do searches on Reala, Superia and related topics and you'll no doubt get many answers to your questions.
  4. Better yet, do an advanced search from Google on this site only and you'll have more than enough reading material for a week. This question has been ask/answered so many times . . .
  5. Reala is the best 100 asa print film. Superia 100 is very contrasty, and high saturation film. Superia 400 is better than superia 100 in color saturation and contrast, with little more grain.<br>
    Would you try AGFA optima II 100, very good film (same as reala) but cheaper than reala.
  6. Gustavo: Is Reala still made? I see only Superia and Superia Reala in the stores.

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