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  1. I'm attempting to go pro (God help me) and that includes a significant wedding practice.

    Two things you should know about me: I'm a Fuji man, and I prefer primes to zooms. (I'm not anxious to discuss the wisdom of those decisions.)

    My plan was to go with a two camera set up: A Fuji X-Pro2 with a 56mm (85 EFOV) lens for distance/portrait work. I also have a range of other Fuji lenses that fit this camera. And a second camera with a 23mm (35mm EFOV) for wider/group stuff.

    Initially, I was going to use my old X-Pro1 for the 35mm camera, but I decided that it's just too slow. So I have to get something new. I could (a) get a X100f or (b) get another X-Pro2 and attach the 23mm (35mm EFOV).

    I'd rather get the X100f because I'd like the variety and it's cheaper, but first, I thought should check with the pros. Advice/comments/criticism?
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    I bought a Fuji X100s as an "additional" camera to my Canon DSLR Wedding kit. When I bought the Fuji, I was still undecided as to whether or not I would continue with Weddings - I eventually choose to terminate that area of our business.

    The key points of rational of my buying the Fuji x100s's for Wedding Coverage were:

    > Leaf Shutter - (to exploit fast Flash Sync Shutter Speeds)
    > Small light weight one handed use - (to exploit emotional and grab shots)
    > Silent (to exploit shots during some Ceremonies where strict rules applied)
    > good high ISO performance (to exploit shots during some Ceremonies where strict rules applied)

    Note that If you choose to buy an X100f, then you do not have the flexibility of changing lenses on that camera: that fact is probably obvious, but it is worth underscoring that you should think about it in regard to how you work a Wedding and Event (or will work it). What I mean is the nuts and bolts of having the correct FL or if not having the perfect FL, being in the correct (compromise) Camera Position for the FL that you have.

    On the other hand, when considering the value of buying a X-Pro 2, think of it not as "the 35mm camera" but as another camera body capable of pairing with all the lenses that you have in your kit.

    Additionally, if one is using TWO main working cameras there is great wisdom and pure logic in having two camera bodies EXACTLY the SAME, doing so cuts down on "thinking time" - it is very good to not have to waste time thinking when one shooting under the pressure of time, even if one has several hundred Weddings under the belt . . . and much safer for a Novice to have two cameras identical, in my opinion.


    Whilst you mentioned you do not require a discussion concerning the wisdom of your choices - I do think it is worth noting that note that there have been quite a few conversations on this forum, in which some very experienced (and also successful) Photographers have mentioned that they shoot with pair of 135 Format Cameras; one with a fast 35 lens and the other with fast 85 lens, mounted on them - so I do not think that yours is radical or off-beat thinking. In stating that I understand that the two lenses mentioned were not the ONLY lenses in their kit bag.

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