Fuji Announce X100: Fixed-Lens APS-C Digital Rangefinder

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  1. Woah! I did not see this coming at all:


    Clearly firing across the Leica X1's bow. No idea what the expected price will be (or even if it will be marketed in Europe or the US).

    Main Specs:

    • 12MP APS-C CMOS sensor
    • Fixed lens: 23mm f/2 (35mm-equiv., meaning 35mm in 35mm equivalent)
    • Hybrid viewfinder
    • ISO 100 - 128000 [sic] in expandable mode. DPR got a bit enthusiastic with the zeroes here :)
    • 5 fps
    • Dimensions: 127(W) × 75(H) × 54(D) mm
    • Frickin' gorgeous retro body design

    Thumbs up to fuji (although I'm scared to find out the price).
    Could this be Javier's perfect street camera...?
  2. This one gets me jaw dropping. I can't tell how big or small from the picture with no relative comparison. Is it about the size of a typical rangefinder. Is this targeted like a rangefinder comeback in digital. My friend just got his M9 with full frame sensor for 6.5K body only. And I truly wonder what market is this camera going to go as a rangefinder digital on aps-c 12 mp. I want one for sure and have one for Javier for street shooting in 23mm f/2.0. Any words on the crop factor, is that along 1.5x or something different? What is the fuss with hybrid viewfinder.
  3. Can someone go and check on the dimension of a Pentax MX and see if it is smaller and lighter than an MX? It looks almost like pocket-table and does it mention any lens change and lens mount?
  4. Looking at the photos, it would appear that aperture is controlled via an aperture ring on the lens, while shutter speed is a dial on the top of the camera. EV comp is also a dial on the top plate. If ISO can be controlled via the lever-dial at the rear, I could be in heaven.
    Oh boy...
  5. Beautiful.
  6. I'm kind of scared too, but completely in love at first site!
  7. Any words on the crop factor, is that along 1.5x or something different?​
    It's 1.5: 23x1.5 = 34.5 ~35mm, like they say.
  8. Hin, it's an APS-C sensor, same size as in Pentax DSLRs, so yes, 1.5x crop factor.
    Some sizes in mm, W x H x D (weight):
    • Fuji X100: 127 × 75 × 54 (???gr)
    • Pentax MX: 135.8 x 82.5 x 49.3 (495gr)
    • Pentax ME Super: 131.5 x 83 x 49.5 (445gr)
    • Leica X1: 124 x 59.5 x 50 (330gr)
    • Leica M9: 139 x 80 x 37 (589gr)
    • Canon G11: 109 x 78 x 48.3 (375gr)
    Pentax and Leica M9 camera weights listed for body only.
  9. I want one!
  10. Wow finally this looks extremely enticing & it is classy looking too.
    Yes the price will tell us how big to dream, thanks Mis for bringing this to our attention.

  11. Yeah this look like a real winner from the specs.
    Hopefully the viewfinder and AF is decent. If so, a classic 35mm field of view, f/2 and with good manual control = great camera.
  12. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Pentax fills this niche market instead of coming up with another aps-c dslr. But Pentax does not have rangefinder in the past but we all love the appeal with MX or LX in a dSLR or MILC. Perhaps some ergonomics to tune up an LX to have the K7 feel and blessings.
  13. Well, well well.... :cool: I was going to order an LX-5 tomorrow, that is now on hold. Any guesses of cost?
  14. Looks like the digital Hexar has arrived :) Finally!
  15. Freaking gorgeous.
  16. Looks like early next year though. Bummer. So I will get that LX-5 this week. I did make up my mind, that I want that camera and a few months to save for it.
    Having owned many fuji cams, I have good iso performance to look forward to and with no shutter, it will be quiet. Man I can't wait!
  17. This really looks like the Hexar. I was thinking of Voiglander Bessa also. I know my buddy good enough and here is his rangefinders collection and his Leica M9 digital arrived last week and not in this picture with his rangefinder collection. Picture link back to his flickr page, you can find more on M9 later on on his flickr stream, he only has 1 picture on his M9 so far.
    I asked my friend of his favorite film rangefinders after the M7, he did pick Hexar as his second. I was hoping he likes Bessa as it is more affordable to own and newly built without having to bet on the seller's honesty and mercy.
    I wish Pentax consider the niche market in this area. If not rangefinders, find something like a digital MX and LX with weather seal.
  18. Funny, this sort of hybrid viewfinder was rumored to be on the K-7 before release!!
    This camera looks like a winner. Fuji has never been into volume sales for it's DSLR or it's film medium format systems, my guess is this will be pricey and not aimed at mass market.
    Few comments on the camera:
    I love the analog controls. The analog shutter speed dial along with the analog aperture and the A setting are just the best retro/functional design I have ever seen to date.
    The camera is by far one of the classiest cameras I have seen in the digital era.
    I've had 2 digital compacts with high quality fujinon glass, and I can say these are impressive lenses. I'm sure an f/2 prime will be just about flawless considering how well digital lens corrections have been implemented.
  19. Some more info and a side-by-side comparison with the Leica X1 in my blog post (warning, here there be ads!).
  20. As an addendum, and in reference to what Hin is saying, this looks like the equivalent of the digital K1000 (or rather MX) a lot of people wanted from Pentax.
    It's odd that Pentax had no desire to make a digital K1000 and here Fuji comes and makes one.
    As a note, I'm not comparing the K1000 to this in size, but the control layout being all analog and the metal build just screams that sort of camera. I suppose the size of it would make it much more like an MX in terms of Pentax cameras.
    Again though, I think it bears noting 1) This doesn't appear to be a camera designed and probably priced for mass market. I'd be shocked if this comes in below $1500, which might not be ridiculous, but when people complain about an SLR system costing $2000-3000 I can't imagine many people buying a $1500 fixed lens camera 2) this is definitely a niche design from a company that is probably less a player in digital cameras than just about anyone still making high end equipment, it actually makes more sense they would come out with something like this than any of the "bigger players" and in this instance Pentax is a bigger player based on Fuji's almost non existent market share.
  21. X100: Fixed-Lens APS-C Digital Rangefinder​
    According to dpreview specification and the pictures, this X100 is not a rangefinder.
    Great camera, great design, price should be around $500-$600 (just guessing). Still not many people will buy it because most of us will shy away a fixed lens camera. But I really want one, I'll wait a little for the price to go down a little, then I'll get it
  22. I am rarely effusive of any camera gear, but this does look the closest to anything I wanted to own and can actually afford to own (Leica M9, sadly, I cannot afford)!
  23. Justin, I agree, and I'd actually be surprised if the price were as low as $1,500. As for number of people buying it, I'll let you know that Leica are doing very well with the X1 (by Leica standards) and for a while they were hard to find in stock. I suspect those same people might be considering the Fuji X100, and if it costs $1,500-2,000, they might be looking at their X1 thinking WTF?, given that it has no viewfinder and a 1-stop slower lens.
    In case you haven't noticed, the blogsphere and forumshpere is buzzing with excitement over this camera; it's crazy! Over on the rangefinder forums there are people putting their cars up for sale already :-D
    Of course, there are also plenty who are saying Fuji were sooo close, if only the lenses were interchangeable! You can't please everyone. But I do agree on a certain level: if this body were priced at $2,000 and the lenses were under $1,000 each and the mount could take an M mount adapter, Fuji would be swimming in money by Q2 of 2011.
  24. I am guessing it will be around $2000.00 and No way it will be in $500-600 range. The Sigma DP2s cost $700.00 but those DP cams cost $1000.00 when they first came out. Being that this is a Fuji nitch deal like Justin said, it will cost between $1500.00 and $2000.00 and if it performs like I believe it will, it will be worth it to me atleast. In reading The Fuji release, they said they have been paying attention to what people want. It apears they have listened. I could see this becoming the Rolls of street shooting!
  25. I agree with Hin Man; it looks like a Hexar. I once owned a Hexar Silver with a fixed 35 F2 lens that was shaped very much like this camera.
    Three flaws with this camera that I have noticed are 1)the optical VF is only 5x magnification and 90% coverage. 2)no manual focus and 3) since there is no mention of shutter lag I assume there is some.

    AF can be lived with, but IMHO, a street shooter must have a bright 100% VF and a quick quiet shutter.
    The best part of this is that other camera makers will follow this lead and in a couple years...
    I'd guess $2000 for this camera. The lens alone is worth $500-700-again IMHO
  26. By the way I paid around $500 ($641.00 in 2010 dollars) for that Hexar about ten years ago and it didn't have a sensor, processor, etc
  27. George, I must have missed where it has no manual focus. As for shutter lag, I think that may be jumping the gun a bit.
  28. George, I must have missed where it has no manual focus. As for shutter lag, I think that may be jumping the gun a bit.
  29. Paper or plastic? Just practicing for my second job to pay for all the great camera gear that i want and don't need!
  30. More great pictures in Endaget post on Fuji x100 and I pick up few things from Endaget
    • Low-light shooters will appreciate the ISO range of 200 to 6400
    • there's also 5fps continuous shooting
    • far more portable alternative
    • 720p movies
    I am hoping great success on Fuji on this outstanding camera and it seems a game changing system with a niche market for small system that is pocket-table and yet functions like a dSLR with full manual control. And it is dead gorgeous to look at. I still have that jaw dropping effect 10 hours from the first look.
  31. Please check on the video in Endaget for the detail at the end of the post. One obvious missing piece of information that I don't get is why not showing with a bit more on the lens series besides the 23mm f/2.0. This is an interchangeable lens system, right?
  32. Sorry it seems to be a fixed focal lenght from this link
  33. I like the + & - ev knob at the top, along with the shutter speed dial. It's got the makings of a new classic. All they have to do now is make one in black.
  34. link with price, anyone? The price will send a message...working camera for photographers or niche camera toy for wannabes ala X1...
  35. Javier-reading the specs for focus it reads: "High-speed contrast AF" and that's it.
    Shutter lag? We'll see.
  36. If photographers had listed the features they would most want, then Fuji must have seen the list. It's built like something that photographers would build for themselves, and not for joe consumer. It's like the digital that Leica could have built.
  37. my jaw dropped - this Photokina will be remembered for a few years :)
    This Fuji is such a beauty that probably my K7+FA 31 will be on the market soon :(
    To be a pentaxian nit-picker: this Fuji is rubbish without WR and IS :D
  38. The styling sort of reminds me of the Konica Auto S2 I once owned. Very handsome.
    Hopefully this will be a better seller than the Epson Digital Rangefinder.
  39. Tantalising but flawed........
    Theres some incredible rubbish being spouted about this thing all over the web!
    If there is ever an interchangeable lens version we could be nearly there!!........a digital version of a 'real' camera.........
    ............Now THERE'S a wierd idea!!!!
  40. Of course, an interchangable lens is better but a fixed 35mm f2 version is still cool in my book. Hope its price is not crazy like the X1. I hope it's under 1k but probably ~$1399 (my guess)...about 2X the price of GF1 with 40mm f1.7 lens or NEX 5 with lens...
  41. Hin, the title of my post says it quite clearly: Fixed-Lens. :)
    George, there's no mention of manual focus, but if you look at the photos, you can see a focus ring on the lens. Plus, I really doubt Fuji went to the trouble of putting an aperture ring around the lens and a manual metal speed dial on the camera to then deny it manual focus. What will probably happen, though, is the manual focus will be by wire, not through mechanical linkage.
  42. Front face, what's the little lever looking thing at 11:00 of the lens?
  43. If it is similar to the Leica X1, then the top wheel on the back can be for manual focusing. What looks like a focusing ring on the lens may be for better gripping only
    Steve, the lever may be for Selftimer, but I guess it switches on/off, not moving mechanically
  44. Front face, what's the little lever looking thing at 11:00 of the lens?​
    Miserere linked here from his blog. Read through all of it and you'll see that it is the optical to electronic VF selection.
  45. Hey Andrew, does this camera qualify as fondle-able? :)
  46. More pictures from endaget with the hybrid viewfinder in http://www.engadget.com/photos/fujifilm-x100-press-shots
    Steve T. Sep 20, 2010; 08:51 a.m.
    Front face, what's the little lever looking thing at 11:00 of the lens?​
    Steve, I believe that is the toggle to use with the hybrid viewfinder. Others, please help me confirm. In Leica M7, there is a lever but the purpose is to get the framelines for lens of different focal length. When I played with my friend's Leica M7, I found myself baffled with that lever to get a reference of the frameline in the viewfinder.
  47. Fuji will be absolutely EVIL if x101, x102 are the same cameras on 50mm and 85mm in full frame equivalent. The term for LBA need to be revised as LBA Silly as buying another lens means buying a duplicate body. Why is it not an interchangeable lens system? What is the logic here?
    This is not fair as I love the 23mm f/2.0 but I like street shooting with lens in the range of 70-150mm. Javier will love this for sure and lol on Hin's lba insanity with grief.
  48. I was not totally correct about the M7, the lever for toggling for framelines reference as in 35/50/85 are positioned quite differently and not in the middle and it is to the other side next to the lens mount as in the black lever in the following picture. The M7 belongs to my good friend.
  49. Pricing, according to Luminous Landscape at least, is going to be around $1700. So, slightly cheaper than the Leica X1 but still up there. Not surprising.
  50. Fuji's brochure indicates that the lever on the front of the camera near the base of the shutter speed dial is for the viewfinder mode. Fuji has made a number of very interesting niche cameras (previously mostly for film). As cool as this is, at what I imagine will be 2-3x the price of the MILC cameras (call it 2x if you include one of their compact primes) it will not be a super-easy sell, especially when they offer interchangeable lenses--quite a lot of bread for a fixed-lens camera.
  51. Oh, Mis, and it does appear quite fondle-friendly. Kind of disturbing that this essentially Pentax-free topic might be one of the fastest threads to 50 posts that I've ever noticed in this Pentax equipment forum.
    Kind of amusing that even the name marks it as a shot at the Leica X1.
  52. Pricing, according to Luminous Landscape at least, is going to be around $1700. So, slightly cheaper than the Leica X1 but still up there. Not surprising.​
    Pricing seems on par with what I would have guessed at $1500-2000. $1700 splits the difference.
  53. Oh, Mis, and it does appear quite fondle-friendly. Kind of disturbing that this essentially Pentax-free topic might be one of the fastest threads to 50 posts that I've ever noticed in this Pentax equipment forum.
    Kind of amusing that even the name marks it as a shot at the Leica X1.​
    I disagree a little bit, even before Herbert Keppler died he was advocating a digital K1000 type camera. I know a lot of people on these forums expressed interest in one, and I think we thought Pentax might release something like that.
    I love the K-7, think it's the best SLR for the money, well built, and not a bad looking camera. But this is really a whole different class.
    Too me, it's not just pretty, it's functional. Those dials are really all you need to take photos...aperture, shutter speed, and EV comp.
    The Pen series is nice, but it's more about "retro" looks than retro design based on all the reviews. This camera would definitely be the type camera that people hanging on to the MX (or possibly Leica film range finders) would look at an go, "damn, thats my digital camera!"
  54. Hi Andrew,
    I believe this thread is faster than a pentax related stuff because I believe people like compact size cameras with APS-C sensor with a simple interface to take pictures. Pentax makes good camera with standouts like shake reduction, weather sealing, compact body, limited lens etc but not compelling enought to generate "oohs" and "wow" from people who are not hardcore photographers. Pentax should make effort to attract that crowd as they are the ones in the future who buy K-5's...
  55. Justin, reading your post, I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with.
    As far as 'damn, that's my digital camera', that remains to be seen. It takes more than metal and leather (assuming this really is metal?). At least some will discount it because it's not an SLR. And speaking as someone who has some affection for the MX:
    "X100, I served with the MX. I knew MX. MX was a friend of mine. X100, you are no MX."
    You're right of course that this is more convincingly retro than most other recent attempts.
  56. The MSRP is $1750... :-( but I would still like to have one. The size is 5"x3"x2 1/8". The lens looks like it will be outstanding.
  57. We all know it ain't technically a rangefinder camera, but it fills a niche, and it looks great, compared to some outlandish body stylings I've seen over the years.
  58. Andrew, according to Fuji the camera body is magnesium alloy. The leather is certainly fake though :)
    More size comparisons here (to scale, of course) with Sigma DP2, Leica X1, Olympus E-P1, Leica M9, Samsung NX10 and Panasonic G2.
    Also some photos of the X100 in the wild at Photokina. Note the photo taken through the viewfinder!
  59. Somebody was asking about manual focus. If you look at this photo you can see the focus selector switch with MF, AF-S and AF-C settings. And the lens has a focus ring... :)
    By the way, isn't it nice that they made the aperture ring look a lot like a Pentax one? It turns the same way and even has an 'A'.
  60. @Mis, you are killing me with all the good reporting. Thanks!
  61. Does anybody know if there are still any licence takers of the K-mount like Ricoh, Chinon or Cosina that could produce a minimal but sturdy and uncrippled K-mount digital body with full analog TTL flash support for Pentax A/M/K and M42 lens lovers? Or did the licenses end with the beginning of the digital area? I would buy such a body and you?
  62. @Mis, you are killing me with all the good reporting.​
    You're welcome, Hin :p
  63. Mis, think they made that aperture ring work like a pentax ring and have it strangely omit the detent for the 1/2 step at each end? And no lock button?
    (for those who don't know what I'm talking about, Pentax aperture rings often are inconsistent with the click-detents; for example, on an f/4 lens, it probably jumps straight from f/4 to f/5.6 with no step in between, then has half step clicks until it skips a whole step from f/16 to f/22. Better than some lenses that only offer whole steps but it would be better if they offered 1/2 steps across the whole range. I could be wrong but I think Nikon is better about this.)
  64. I came over this post on Falk Lumo's blog: http://falklumo.blogspot.com/2010/09/photokina-2010-first-impressions.html. It has this interesting exchange with the Fuji guys:
    I asked why not with a lens mount? Answer: We want see how this one sells first. I asked: but you know that if this version does not sell it may be because it has no mount? Answer: no, is it so...?​
    LOL. If it had a lens mount, I'd look differently at the asking price. But $1700 for a one lens rig is expensive. Hopefully they'll figure out that much and drop the price.
  65. Mis, think they made that aperture ring work like a pentax ring and have it strangely omit the detent for the 1/2 step at each end? And no lock button?​
    Ha ha ha, that's so true. Ken Rockwell often complains about non-Nikon lenses doing funky stuff with the detents (or lack of) in between whole apertures.
    Then there are special lenses, like the 50mm f/1.2 that do have a click in between wide open and f/2, but it's not halfway in between. I have to mount it on a camera and figure out what it is but looking at the diaphragm it looks like f/1.7 or f/1.8. I would have expected (or wanted, had I used it on a film camera) TWO clicks in between f/1.2 and f/2, spaced 1/2 stop apart.
    Maybe the aperture ring on the X100 will just move freely without clicks, just to mess with everyone's head. I'm sure it's electronically controlled anyway.
  66. NEWSFLASH: Endgadget and PJB are both quoting Fuji as having said the camera will retail for $1,000 and be available in March 2011.
    I need to step out and get some fresh air...
  67. Well, at the mid-$1000 range with a fixed, non-interchagneable lens, it's too much of a rich man's game for me.
    Bringing it down to $1000, I'd have to think long and hard about the same camera.
    $1000 body and make it with interchangeable lenses, I may have to rethink my planning for a K-5 upgrade from my K20D.
    That camera has my name all over it, though. But pricing will be the final consideration. I can't wait to see the tests and hear of first hand use reports.
  68. NEWSFLASH: Endgadget and PJB are both quoting Fuji as having said the camera will retail for $1,000 and be available in March 2011.
    I need to step out and get some fresh air...​
    Two for me please :)
  69. Uggh, $1000 makes this a camera that I actually really will consider.
    At $1500-2000 it was a sexy camera that I'd want in a perfect world, at $1000 it is a camera I expect quite a few people on this forum to buy. When you consider the LX-5 and EX1 are near $500 cameras and this is most likely superior to them in every way (other than a lack of zoom which honestly doesn't bother me a bit if the camera is all we think it is).
    The question for me is, would I rather have a Pentax DA 60-250 F/4 SDM over this? Because realistically that will be the deciding factor. That 60-250 was the last high priority item on my list for my K-mount system.
  70. @Mis and others, I now want to play some devil's advocates to set our expectations with Fuji correctly. Fuji is a funny company with some excellent products but they have some odd decisions that burned people in the past with odd and mediocre directions that the company took. The use of non-SD card and xD cards in Fuji point and shoot along with Olympus was one huge problems for all fuji p&s followers few years back. And their user interface in the old time is nothing to praise about.
    The other great cameras that I remember is the Fuji Natura Classica film camera that works optimized for natural light with 800 and 1600 asa films with Fuji. Javier may consider one for his use and one for his kids in street shooting ready for low ligh. It has created a cult classic of small film cameras that can do street shooting with natural lights. I will find you more information if needed.
    And for a while, I remembered the Fuji outstanding dSLR Fuji S5 pro and S3 pro which can use Nikon mounts but I don't know what has happened now as Fuji seems more segmented in pro-consumer cameras
    It beats me why Fuji comes out with non-interchangeable cameras instead of a system. When Falk Lumo asked the same question in the exhibit, Fuji responded by trying out the first on fixed and more to come after if x100 to come out as success
    And to me, that is not a total confidence that Fuji has on this venture with a good vision.
  71. Maybe they are testing the waters?
    I'll test it for them :)
  72. Miz wrote:
    NEWSFLASH: Endgadget and PJB are both quoting Fuji as having said the camera will retail for $1,000 and be available in March 2011.​
    Clearly I was too excited, that should have been Engadget and BJP :-D
  73. When Falk Lumo asked the same question in the exhibit, Fuji responded by trying out the first on fixed and more to come after if x100 to come out as success​
    That's what I speculated in my post 2 days ago, and I wished I were wrong. It's exactly what you say, Hin, it seems to imply they are not confident. It most certainly shows they do not have their finger on the pulse of the market.
    The other possibility, and a very real one, is that the team in charge of the X100 project did not have finances to pull off a complete system launch. I can imagine the head engineers going into the boardroom all excited to present their ideas to the Fuji Head Honchos, and the FHHs saying: OK guys, the interchangeable lens camera system is a neat idea, but too ambitious; we're going to give you 20% of the money you're requesting so you can create a fixed-lens version to test the market instead.
    The engineers then rolled their eyes, bowed low and said thank you to the FHHs.
    Let's remember, it's not photographers who run these companies, but business men; they don't do what's best for us, but what's best for the bottom line. So if we all go out and buy an X100 the FHHs will be happy and let those engineers develop an interchangeable lens version.
  74. It could also be that Fuji does have their finger on the pulse of the market.
    I'm very excited about this camera. Especially at the $1000 price point. I'm not sure I want interchangeable lenses for this.
    The smaller, the better for this camera. Making the lens interchangeable would mean the same lens is bigger and heavier since all the optics must be in the lens itself and cannot extend into the body. The way the light waves hit the sensor can be better optimized for a single focal length.
    I want small and I want quality. I already have interchangeable lenses. I'm not interested in buying into a new system of interchangeable lenses. If I want interchangeable, I've got the Panasonic G and Olympus PEN cameras to consider.
    Is it wrong to want interchangeable lenses or a zoom lens? Absolutely not. But it's a bit near-sighted to declare that a company making a product that fits a specific need doesn't have its finger on the pulse of the market. :)
  75. If the MSRP is $1000.00 this little unit should be a hit. :)
  76. Eric, thanks for your well-expressed point of view. One problem with fixed-lens cameras is that a single focal length cannot make everyone happy, so they compromise. I would have preferred a 28-30mm lens, while many others wanted an 18mm. Still others would have preferred a 35mm; I could go on. So, 23mm is probably the average of all the focal lengths that photographers polled by Fuji wanted. It's a focal length that will make 50% of the people happy, 25% annoyed but they'll buy it, and another 25% will find it unusable and won't buy it.
    Two solutions to this: Make it an interchangeable camera system or release more fixed-lens cameras at other focal lengths.
    Another issue: Some people don't want this as a secondary camera (as you do) but as their primary camera. These people are the ones most likely to be requesting interchangeable lenses.
    Fixed lenses have the pros and cons, but if this camera delivers the goods as far as speed of usage and IQ goes, it will be a success despite the fixed lens, not because of it, and this is simply a function of present day mentality towards cameras.
  77. Wow, what a bunch of retro fetishists we have here! This form factor never made much sense since there's no great way to hold the camera. Can I note here that the deep curves of the K-7 make a lot more sense?
    And paying $1700 for a one lens "system"? Or even $1000? Sorry, but that translates to one thousand pounds sterling over here, which is more than I will afford in a year of saving. If the single lens I was stuck with was a Summicron 90mm or a Macro Elmarit 60mm, then sure, then I'd be happy.
    Yes, I love the direct controls over all photographic functions. But then I hear people justify fly-by-wire manual focussing. Er, no thanks!
  78. Like with the ILCs and EVILS, I'm not sure I was really buying into a system.
    When I was looking at the Pen, I was looking at it with the idea this was a fixed lens camera. I really had no intention of buying a system of lenses for it.
    Being almost back down to 2 systems again (and in reality more like 1.5 since I can use my 645 lenses on my DSLRs), I'm happy to not have to deal with multiple systems of lenses.
    I see Mis's point, if this was a main camera he'd be spot on, but my guess is at least initially this would be a replacement for a digital compact.
    No doubt if it was a hit in that segment Fuji could definitely roll this out as a system, but again, I don't think this will replace even a small DSLR system like Pentax or Zuiko. This would more likely be the type of system street shooters and perhaps travel photogs might go for, it's never going to satisfy everyone because for it to it would essentially end up being as big and bulky (due to the lenses) as a DSLR system. Personally, I don't see this system as having more than 4-5 lenses. Something like my current travel kit actually. A 16mm, a 23mm, a 30 to 35mm, and a 70 or 90mm, perhaps a compact 135mm (like Rose's 135mm she mailed around). Maybe I'm wrong, but too me this kit has to be supremely small to be worth anything. So don't expect a full DSLR replacement system.
    Of course some people would be perfectly happy with the above kit, I know I am with my Pentax version of it, but I do need an SLR system for other work (sports, events, etc) and for that this would never be my main system. Am I alone?
  79. Having let a few days go by and reading all I could on this cam, I decided it was made for me. I love the look and it is one of the main reasons I still shoot allot with an old school slr. I use a 24mm lens 90% of the time. It is a street shooters dream. I could care less if the lens comes off. To me it is like buying a great prime lens and the body is free....So I am in. The only thing I am disappointed in, is that I have to wait 1/2 a year to get it.. One thing that really stood out to me is how Fuji claims to have optimized the lens to the sensor for corner to corner sharpness. Being that I have been a loyal user of Fuji products for the past 10 years, I have no reason not to believe them. Being that is cost 1k, is cool, but I would have paid $1700.00 as it is still cheaper than the Nikon 24F/1.4 I was about to buy.
  80. I have never shot with a 35mm equiv. lens for a job in a quarter century. You'd need a very specific output for this to be any dream of a camera.
    They should have dropped a MF sensor in their Fuijifilm GW670lll and brought that line of cameras back to life.
  81. From a post in the Leica forum. " Most of the prints on my wall were taken with a Contax T2."
    This one comes with an endless roll of film. ;-)
  82. I think it's a killer camera! the 35mm equivalent lens is a bit too long, but it will work for most people.. most digital compacts still have zooms that start at 37mm and people live with it.
    I like that the lens is fast and small. The NEX-3/NEX-5 with the 16mm f/2.8 pancake is thicker and therefore less pocket-able. However the 16mm is more usable as a travel lens as it's far wider - 24mm equivalent. A bit slower though.
    The retro styling really got me drooling. I thought the lever in front was for self-timer. Turns out it's the EVF/OVF switch. Drat.
    If this thing has zero shutter release delay when on manual focus, it will be a street shooter's dream come true. Put it on the hyperfocal distance and snap away. But it will have to have decent AF as well - poor AF has really clobbered the Pens compared to the GF1.
  83. Orlando wrote:
    the 35mm equivalent lens is a bit too long, but it will work for most people.​
    Ha ha ha, for me it's a bit too wide :-D You can't please everyone, Orlando, but I don't fault Fuji for making it 35mm-equiv. It's a middle-of-the-road focal length that everyone is familiar with.
  84. Nice website you got there, Mis. And good point about mfg's not needing any r&d funding to see what photographers want....just scour the photowebsites and wishlists. Most of us want a +/- ev wheel, and the shutterspeed knob up at the top. no buttons to push, just turn the freakin' knobs! mechanical engineering doesn't need to change that; it's perfect!
    I am getting one.

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