Fuji Acros 100 & Ilford DD-X

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ardea, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. Looking through the threads DD-X seems to work well with this film at
    1:6 dilution (70F., sheet/tray) but the 6 minute N development would
    appear to make N-2 times on the short side and possibly cause uneven
    development. I would like to use 75F.as my processing temp. and a
    more dilute concentration. Has anyone worked with this combination at
    around 75F. ?
    Thanks, Richard Martel, Florida Keys
  2. Why don't you do some tests and let us know what you find? Isn't it best to do so since every ones methods are their own and would only get you into the ballpark?
  3. Richard,

    I use DD-X at 1+8 with Tri-X to get longer times. I guess this
    would apply equally with higher temps. Just ensure that you
    have suffieicent stock solution for the surface area of film you
    intend to process.

    My next little project is going to be processing some Acros in
    FX-39. I think I shall find that result very interesting indeed.

  4. Walter

    Just received the Ilford DD-x and plan on testing this week..Thanks for your reply.

    Regards, Richard

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