FTZ FTZII, Z9 etc. by Steve Perry

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Mary Doo, Jan 18, 2022.

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    Informative video. Thanks Mary.
  2. Thank you for the link, Mary. I, too, like Steve Perry's YouTube channel. He has a considerable amount of very good information there and a very nice style of presentation.
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  3. I follow him routinely. I've learned a lot from him.
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    Interesting Perry tested the D850, Z6ii and Z9’s AF speeds. Wish he had included the D6 also.
  5. It's good to see it confirmed that the adapter is not the reason why previous Z cameras have focused F-mount lenses more slowly than the best DSLRs. It's the camera which sets the speed, not the adapter, and the Z9 runs them very fast.
  6. Firmware updatable for the Z6ii/7ii?
  7. No; the Z9 Expeed 7 processor is said to be 12 times faster than the dual Expeed 6's in the Z6 II / Z7 II.

    The Z6 II / Z7 II probably need to run the lenses at a slower speed in order not to have the lens fly past the focus without the camera detecting that a subject is indeed in focus. The range of focus offsets measureable with the PDAF sensors is narrow and so the camera needs to read and process the AF sensor data very often if the lens is to be driven fast. Anyway this is my theory of why the lenses are run slower on the bodies that don't have the processing capability of the Z9. Another reason the fast processor is needed is in low light when the CDAF plays a greater part, and third of course is for subject detection such as eye detection.

    If Nikon did increased the speed in the Z6 II / Z7 II, you would probably have the lens focus very fast but often past the subject, hunting without finding the subject reliably.

    DSLRs are less demanding on processing power due to the dedicated PDAF sensors having different characteristics from the embedded ones in mirrorless cameras.
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  8. I look forward to Mr. Perry's review of the Z9 as a wildlife camera. In a recent YouTube video on another subject, he said it will be available in about a month, once he has had a chance to use it extensively in the field.
  9. I watched it yesterday and learned a lot. I am less concerned now about how my 500mm lens will perform on the Z 9 once I get it.
  10. What happens, speed wise, if you put the an F-Mount TC, say the 1.4e II, between FTZ and 500mm PF?

    I'm always surprised how well optically that combo does on my D850, but the AF speed does take a hit.

    I know he mentions you can't use a Z TC with the FTZ, but many wildlife shooters already have a F mount TCs to go with their long tele lenses.

    I'm guessing (!) that as it's the actual body that seems to improve AF speed for the Z9, it shouldn't matter where the TC is in the set-up. I know, optically, the Z TCs are better but they are pretty pricey too...;)

    I wonder when they're going to make the FTZ-E version? I know there are still plenty of FTZ adapted long teles that need the aperture 'pusher' but losing the mechanics would make them cheaper and lighter.

  11. Mr. Perry answers your question 6 - minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

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