FS to this forum first :OM mount 24-45 Soligor w. Macro-$35.

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by jack_lo_..._t_o, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Soligor 24-45, 3.5 MC with macro, for OM. Hoya UV filter. I don't use
    this anymore. It's a very handy set of focal lengths. An old
    fashioned product; heavy. It takes good pictures, and I can make &
    send jpegs of them for you (but: at 24mm, you don't point this toward
    the sun, unless you want a flare). I think I'm one of those freaks
    that doesn't like to use zooms; I'm trying to decide which of my two
    longies[75-150 or 70-210]to sell now. I'd replace them with a 35 and
    a 135. $35 US + shipping. This is quite a deal!
  2. Caps for both ends.

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