FS-M7 and 2 lenses

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  1. I have decided to break up the system and sell the 3 items individually. Here is the run down....
    1. Leica M7 body, in "as-new" condition, complete with passport warranty (extended two extra years by Leica) and all original packaging. 2. Leica 50:2 Summicron chrome lens in "as-new" condition. Complete with all original packaging and caps and case. 3. Leica 90:2.8 Elmarit lens in mint condition, with original packaging and caps and case(Latest version.) The M7 and the 50mm lens were purchased new within the past 6 weeks. Only two rolls of film were shot with this system. The 90mm lens was purchased as a used item within the past 6 weeks. This system was purchased for someone with less than perfect eyesight, who finds that the type of focusing required for such a system is, unfortunately not for him. I am offering this system here before it goes on ebay or to a dealer for a trade. Please email me if you are interested.


    These are the prices for the three items;


    1. Leica M7 .72 chrome body....$2085
    2. Summicron chrome 50:2 lens....$635
    3. Elmarit black 90:28 lens...$775
    If the whole package is purchased as a whole ....$3370
    Shipping additional

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