FS: Light Impressions Flip-top Archival Boxes

Discussion in 'Classified' started by robert_digrazia, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Nine boxes available
    Unused, clean, dry
    Acid free, lignin free
    10 1/2" Wide X 8 1/2" High X 5 1/2" Deep

    Front corners are reinforced with metal bands.
    Located in Hollis, NH.
    I have pictures, but I don't see how to include in this post.
    I can ship, but shipping is expensive.
    Example shipping costs for nine boxes:: UPS to Seattle is $93.10, to New York is $51.80.
    These prices assume the UPS web site gave me the right charges.

    3 boxes $41 plus actual shipping
    6 boxes $60 plus actual shipping
    9 boxes $67 plus actual shipping


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