FS: Kiev 3 (1953), Ikonta C and a Agfa Jsolette

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by marco_vera|1, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. I hope I am not breaking forum policy, if so delete me immediately. I am working on eliminating "over stock" in my collection and decided to sell the following: 1) Kiev 3 Rangefinder (1953) and 50mm Jupiter lens f2.0 $135 2) Zeiss Ikon Ikonta C (6x9) with Novar $125 - CLA'd 3) Afga Jsolette $45 - CLA'd All prices include shipping to US. All camera's are mechanically fully functional with clean unscratched optics. I will post a single picture for each here, for all the details and additional pictures please email me if interested. If you are interested please EMAIL me. Thanks
  2. the Ikonta
  3. agfa apotar f4.5 8.5cm lens
  4. I think you are offside "forum policy". Why don't you list on that huge online site instead?
  5. That's why I asked daniel..the forum policy doesn't state either way...

    If this is a moderated forum, pull me...
  6. Its not a moderated forum. But if you look more closely, you'll see there are almost no for sale listings. Its a place of worship, not commerce. :>
  7. Oh you're right to be shocked Mr Iggers, as far as I remember you're always trying (as we all do) to be the first in the starting-blocks to get free items when some classic cameras forum member proceeds to a giveaway of some interesting and valuable stuff. But you wouldn't call that commerce, would you ?

    Marco, your cameras are nice, the prices you ask for them are realistic, I have no doubt they will make someone happy. I would be very happy to get that Kiev if I hadn't some similar already. Very nice one.

    Happy Easter to all members.
  8. Sacred offerings, accepted with deep gratitude and Christian humility.
  9. Let us not forget to hunt and find the hidden chocolate eggs urbi et orbi.
  10. Hey Dan, in the spirit of Christian humility, what are you giving away for Easter ?

    This CLA'd Ikonta C will be a nice addition to any vintage photographer's Easter basket. If I didn't already have three 6x9 shooters, I would be tempted to give it a new home. Happy Pascuas Everbody!
  11. Hey guys: Dan Iggers gave *ME* that free Ikonta, a pretty nice gesture I think. If I can get the focus issue sorted, I'm going to give it away as a prize in the next classics photo contest.
  12. Give me what you want, I will be very generous and immediaty give it to whom wants it without even having touched that stuff.

    I'm in a enlighted charitable commerce spirit tonight.

    It reminds me of Pierre Dac's (a French humorist) famous sentence : "A man who starts from zero and arrives at nothing does not need to say thank you to anyone".

  13. I don't see what is objectionable about posting FS threads here. Since they are so labelled, it is easy enough to pass them by without over-burdening one's sense of propriety. All things being equal, I'd much rather purchase an old camera from someone known here than from some clueless Ebay seller.
  14. What Mike C. said. It's not like he's trying to sell some digi abomination. These are all classics, and we're pretty easy going, right?
  15. Alas! (voice from the confessional) "My funds were spent on a Nikon F2, whick looks and works like it is brand new...but lenses are an issue...oh...its made after 1970, sooo sorry...."
  16. The FS post turn up now and then. And I can't object, as I've unloaded a small number of items here myself: viewfinder, several cameras (Petri RFs and MF folders) and a Contax RF lens or two.
  17. The Agfa has sold. Thanks Reed.
  18. OK, OK. I'm clearly out of touch on the etiquette of FS posts. Marco asked, and I answered, but clearly I'm swimming against the tide or whatevering into the wind.

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