FS: Canon AT-1 Body

Discussion in 'Classified' started by danac, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. For sale a Canon AT-1 body only with new light seals and new carrying strap. In May 2022 master Canon technician Katsushige (Ken) Oikawa adjusted the mirror box. shutter speed and match-needle exposure meter. Apart from a small amount of dust on the inside of the focusing screen which does not affect exposures, the camera is in very fine condition.I used it three times since the CLA - too many cameras, too little time. Price is $190. Can ship to the continental USA for $18.

    AT-1 Front.JPG

    AT-1 Top.JPG

    AT-1 Open.JPG
  2. New price: $175 and free shipping.

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