Frozen FOOMI

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  1. Your Eminence, what did the subject of your photo think of it? I'm assuming he saw it.

    To all others: WD-40 and a bit of muscle fixed the ball head. To be honest, as my hands now have little gripping strength. I used a pair of pliers on the locking key/control/handle -- with a small piece cut from the discarded tube of a bicycle tyre. The FOOMI now works well and is unmarked.
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  2. Yes, he liked it. I wander the streets of my small, rural hinterland hamlet, and photograph - usually with my monochrom and go to lens, a 75mm voigtlander, though sometimes with another rangefinder and FP4. Usually a bessa, sometimes one of my favourites, a retina IIc, and I've just had CLA'd a Canon 7 I bought on eprey which I'm going to use over the next few days. The deal with all those who give me permission to photograph them is that I get them a 5x7 print (done at a nearby K-mart - something like Wal-mart - for a pittance, I think about 8 - 12 cents). I am glad FOOMI now works and is unmarked. Bravo and regards.
  3. Glad it worked out for you with no damage. I've read that WD 40 is essentially refined kerosene, and not a lubricant.
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