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  1. Hi, I know this is a potential can of worms, but I am at a loss for where to go. I have tried to find the answers to this question before posting this, but nothing but more muddy waters. Microsoft left us old Frontpage users dangling. I know my way around Fronpage, but I have no HTML code writing ability. I know Frontpage coding is in its death throes and I need to move on. However, where?
    1. I would rather not start from square one. Is there a service out there that converts Frontpage websites to modern code? I look at my htm files in Web Expression 4 (trial version) and it tells me what’s wrong with my Frontpage codes, but I don't know how to change them. Don't really want to learn HTML now anymore than I did 7 years ago.
    2. Regardless if number 1 can be accomplished I need to get up and running on some new software that functions similar to Fronpage for building websites. Expression 4 is similar. Is there any other software out there that does not require me to learn HTML?
    3. There seems to be a lot of hosting services now that want you to buy into them doing your sites, but then the site only works on their server and you have to pay a monthly fee for the web editing tools. This sends a chill up my spine! Am I over reacting on this one?
    Thanks. All comments are welcomed, even sarcastic ones.
  2. I would try to open and convert your site with the free, it has some quirks but works well for smaller projects and you can work in wysiwyg mode or html code.
  3. I faced the same problem (for different reasons) a few years back and went with Namo Web Editor. And Paul, I'll bet I know even less HTML code than you! At that time Namo handled the editing of my website that had been done originally done with Front Page with nary a hiccup. They do have a free trial. -
  4. Dan, your link goes to a site that lists the software version as 2006. I assume that is refering to the year. Isn't that a bit old, but then again so is Frontpage ?
  5. Click on software/webeditor 8
  6. I am not a big fan of MS, but Expression is your best bet IMO, you are already familiar with Frontpage and it isn't that different. You don't need to fix every page that it complains about immediately, re-write the pages slowly as you update your site.
  7. Your current site is simple enough for me to suggest a CMS, e.g. Wordpress. You should be able to find a theme and plugins to reproduce a very similar (or a better) site, without messing with html, etc. There is however a learning curve, but there are plenty of books and online tutorials as well as a very large community forum. Except for your time and effort, it is free.
    Once mastered, you can tweak as you desire and not worry about your web sw app becoming obsolete.
  8. Robert, Wordpress keeps coming up. I have not been able to successfully download it to have a look, but that is something I can resolve if I really want to see it. This might be rumor, but I have heard that I would not be able to keep my original website name ( with Wordpress. That would be a deal breaker for me. Does anyone know if thats true?
  9. I find it hard to believe that installing WP would somehow affect your domain status. WP is just an application.
    Perhaps you're confusing, which is hosted blogging, vs installing your own WP instance which is through your own hosting provider.
  10. Could be, I didn't know there were two things with the same name. Could you give me the correct link so I know I am in the right place. THANKS
  11. is the source of the application. is a free blog hosting service run by
  12. Thanks Rob. I believe I was in the wrong place. Strange they would do that. I can't be the only one to have missed the difference.
  13. Microsoft calls it Expressions now. Think they are up to Microsoft Expressions Web 4 or 5 now. It is pretty good. Supports a lot more than Front Page, you can do Layers...popping in Java Scripts is pretty easy.
    I use it for my sites, I have also added some hand coded Java Scripts to display photos, it is way better than the cookie cutter photo display software and loads much faster than Flash. It only takes a few lines of code, tons of Java Script tutorial sites and doing your own Java scripts is FREE, and you can hand edit it right in Expressions, very simple and you can customize it to any photo dimensions. The Java Script photo rotation also works on the iPhone, unlike Flash. There is also a lot of JAVA scripts built into Expressions and it doesn't cost a fortune. If you have a legit copy of Frontpage, I think you can just get the Upgrade. (Don't quote me on that though.)
    I use the FREE Filezilla for the FTP, though Web Expressions can transfer the files also.
  14. I have not been able to successfully download it to have a look, but that is something I can resolve if I really want to see it.​
    I'm a WordPress newbie, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Perhaps more experienced users can chime in.
    Installing WP manually can be quite involved, but some hosting services offer "auto install". I searched for a host that does that and it's a breeze without having to download WP. I think that you should have no problem keeping your domain.
    Most books and online tutorials teach how to use WP for blogs, and few are dedicated to building static sites. That's one big learning curve hurdle to avoid. Here are two:
    This one is video based, making it easy to get a taste of what WP is all about. But very basic and incomplete.
    This one is text based and quite thorough. I have yet to finish, but I find it very promising.
    Again, for a simple design like your site, I strongly suspect that you can duplicate (and improve) it with WP without much problem.
  15. Thank you all for your help. I have some good advice and it will be interesting to see where I land.

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