Front movements added to Korona?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by skopar, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. Has anyone ever heard of front movements being added to an 8x`0, or 11x14 Korona.
    I have an 11x14 Korona with front rise as the only front movement. I prefer it to my B+J 8x10 which is much less stable.
    I was just wondering if anyone had ever had something like that done.
  2. Hi,
    I have a Korona 8X20 (same frame design) that has tilt and
    swivel added by someone in California who rebuilt it. This adds,
    of course, a lot of functionality to the camera. I could find out who
    did the work if you are really interested.
  3. Yes. That would be great if I could get some info on who might be able
    to do such a thing.
  4. There's a good chance the person who did the mod was Patrick Alt.
    Don't have his contact info at hand, but he's in L.A. and is well
    known for his quality LF repairs and modifications.


  5. There is also the "Front-tilt lensboard" adapter. I don't know who
    made these, but the one I had was two 6X6" frames separated by a short
    bellows with side plates and locking knob to tilt the frames relative
    to each other. The rear frame fit the camera in place of the lensboard
    and the regular lensboard with lens went in the front frame. The
    posssible advantage of this over having your camera modified is you
    can use the adpater on more than one camera. I have seen these for
    sale on eBay, but I suspect they are hard to find. You might have one
    made though. I may have a picture of the one I had I can email you if
    you are interested.
  6. Patrick Alt did a beautiful job of refurbishing my Deardorf 5x7 (found
    in a barn under crud and rotted, but like new now), and also modified
    my Korona 7x17 to have tilt, swing, and a new way to rise. The tilt
    is funky but works beautifully. He also makes cameras (one is a
    wooden 4x10 fixed focus, I think). Years ago he was at:


    Patrick Alt Design
    1324 S. Figueroa #101
    Los Angeles, CA 90015


    I haven't been in touch in years so it might have changed. He is busy
    so it takes some time and is best put into the system and shipped when
    he is ready for the camera. Very nice guy to talk to.
  7. Patrick Alt was the guy who modified the Korona 8X20. His work
    is excellent. The front swivel takes a good twist of the the nit to
    secure it adequately but it does work. As good as it was, I
    dumped the old Korona frame and mounted the rest of the
    camera on a Sinar P base. The difference in stability and
    maneuverability is not short of amazing.

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