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  1. Richochetrider said :
    It's really just a matter of getting organised. I merely created a folder entitled " CMC Uploads" and copy any image I want to use into that. I use my default file viewer (in my case Fastone Image Viewer) to resize at 300dpi to a maximum of 1000 pixels wide, or 875 pixels deep. At this size the images provide a reasonable screen fit; I personally detest having to scroll an image to view it in entirety. The resulting images are about 425kb. which isn't going to create any sort of problem, and I drag then straight from the viewer into the posting box. The "More Options" facility offers more arrangement and editing options, handy for assembling a post involving multiple images.

    I also have separate folders and sub-folders for commonly accessed threads such as "Friday" and "365 Day", which allow me to keep track of just what I have posted at any given date. Once you get a system going, posting is a breeze!
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    Quirky, and superb optical and mechanical performance. And I love the craftsmanship of a Voigtlander. A superb, fine old quality camera. Which is an experience and an art to handle, use, and enjoy making images with. Thank you for sharing yours.
  3. After digging mine out for the photos I decided it deserved a workout. Loaded it up with some old Pan F and put the Reveni meter on and took it along on a camping trip. Shot with the 50 for a while and then put the 35 on. Had to use the Reveni offset adapter for the Turnit but they lived comfortably together. After shooting LF for a long time, getting through all 36 frames may take me a while.

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