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  1. This splendid beast handles beautifully, and best of all, it carries the 3.5 35mm Skoparon. Which I like best of the lenses for this camera. I don't recall what the film was; probably Portra 400.

  2. royall_berndt said :
    I agree totally, and thanks for the fine sample. I consider the Skoparon to be one of the best 35mm lenses I've come across, and possibly the "sharpest". Monochrome sample below.

    Skoparon Shopping copy.jpg
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  3. JD had a pet rule.. about postingthat ...well it wasn't a rule per se.. but encouraged posting pics of the hardware.... camera porn ..he called it -- umm umm
    Seems this is now showcased more so in the "what cameras are you using this weekend" catwalk...

    I would love to see the Prominent II and any other bits used!!

    BTW.. Here is a technical retrospective on the Prominent lenses, Apparently the "english" language version has been taken down . But a lot can be gleaned in German..

    Voigtlander Historical Lenses and Cameras
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  4. Yes, indeed. Here is the P II with the Nokton normal f1.5 lens.

  5. What makes it a II?
  6. Here's a pic of the Skoparon mounted on the original Prominent. Note that the camera has a much smaller viewfinder window than the Prominent II.

    Skoparon pnet.JPG
  7. Larger vf and a lever wind on the II. But for these features, the II and I are the same. OTOH, the body of the original is sleeker.
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  8. Ah, yes, and that original one must be a later one has it has the accessory shoe. Does it also have the lever wind? OK, I have to tell my story of Prominent progression. I was in South Africa and walked into and antique shop to find that it was 98% furniture. There was one small glass case in a dark corner. I peered in and spotted a camera. It was the older original and had a Nokton. I asked the lady what the price was and she said she would look it up. She returned with a figure that converted to $45 and I said "oh, it's sold". She said no, it was available and I repeated. She caught on this time and said that was great and that she would get the rest. So the rest turned out to be the clip on accessory shoe, 2 Proximeters in their beautiful Voighlander cases (Voighlander absolutely made the best cases), the lens hood, a Skoparon in its case, a cased Turnit finder, a 150 Super Dynaron in its case with the mask for the Turnit and an instruction manual dated 1951. I had a very large smile which continued as I used it and found that it worked well and took great photos. A couple of years later I was in my favorite camera store when perusing a basket of odds and ends I came upon a late original with the built in accessory shoe and 2-stroke lever wind, an Ultron lens and another instruction manual and this one was dated 1956. The price was quite low and it followed me home. I put the Ultron on my first body and sold it for more than I had in everything at this point. I decided I might as well complete the set and picked up a 100 Dynaron and fit everything into one compact carrying case. It is a quirky camera but a great one with great lenses.
  9. A great reminiscence, Chauncey! You've certainly been blessed by fortune, collecting Prominents. There's some information regarding these lovely cameras here:

    Bursting into Prominents
  10. Now I can light up a cigarette and relax...:rolleyes:

    Thanks, nice work.

    I've been tempted by these, but must catch up before I acquire more things....
  11. Wow! Somebody likes their saturation turned all the way up to 11. And that takes some doing with Portra.
  12. I wonder if any of you users have done much with the Dynaron. I used it once and saw nothing great in the results, so I put it on the shelf. It couldn't compete with the Skoparon and Ultron gleaming in their cases. But maybe I should try it again. Opinions?
  13. royall_berndt said :
    Yes, I've used it quite frequently and I can state that it's right up to the standards you'd expect. Sample below.

    Skoparon Pnet.jpg
  14. BA3046DE-6BE7-461D-BCFF-5FD6C2169097.jpeg
    My Prominent I. The Nokton 1.5 is a very nice lens. The camera is pretty much a PIA to use.
  15. 100mm Dynaron with Acros 100 in ID-11; tripod used of course.
    Sorry: having trouble working out how to embed an image into a post.
    St Hilary, St Martin & St Brice.
  16. Sorry: having trouble working out how to embed an image into a post.
    St Hilary, St Martin & St Brice.

    Hi Brett,

    Nice to hear from you.
    I write a bit of text blah blah then select "upload file"
    When done loading; below your text is a thumbnail of the image . Select "show full size" and wherever your cursor is placed ie under your last bit of text.. The image loads into the post
    Repeat for the next image you again select "upload image" etc. When done , post reply!!
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  17. Thank you Chuck. I'll give that a go, next time. :)
  18. PromKit.jpg

    Here's my full kit. Top to bottom, left to right. Proximeter kits; Skoparon case; Super-Dynaron case (on it is a shoe offset adapter with Revenni meter); S-D case insert with 150 mask for Turnit; Prominent late Type I with lever wind and 50 Nokton; 150 f/4.5 Super-Dynaron lens; 35 f/3.5 Skoparon lens; 100 f/4.5 Dynaron lens; case for Turnit; Manual and caps and hood; Turnit finder
  19. Just beautiful, true eye candy. Thanks for showing!
  20. It's also possible to simply "drag" an image from your photo file and "drop" it into the reply box.

    The downside (or *other* side) of doing so is whatever size your photo file is, is what it posts to the forum. If the file gets too large, the forum will post it as a jpeg. Can't recall exactly if the jpg file will be "clickable" to view the photo, or not- BUT some folks (worldwide) may not have unlimited data plans- so clicking on a massive file could burn quite a lot of somebody's month's worth of data!

    The site admins have called me out for this already, citing complaints from other members - although I admit still dragging & dropping full size files into the Classic Manual and MF Cameras forum pages. :eek:

    I use the "upload a file" mechanism for posting photos out of my phone (phone pics), but I generally post URLs to photo files in my host site everywhere but the film camera forum pages.

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