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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by neil_poulsen|1, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. It's about time for us to introduce ourselves. We're the new
    moderators of the LF Forum, Rob Barker and Neil Poulsen. I'll include
    my note below; Rob will follow in a separate EMail.

    This forum is the vision of Tuan Luong, who began the forum as part of
    his Large Format Photography webpage at I think
    that it's a first rate resource, especially considering the depth of
    knowledge of the people who participate. View cameras have no bells
    or whistles, automatic exposure, intrinsic light meters, or auto-focus
    features. Photographers who can use view cameras effectively know the
    fundamentals of photography backwards and forwards. This has been
    demonstrated again and again in the responses and queries that
    participants have offered.

    This forum has international participation, and I believe that it
    plays an important role in the continued success of large format
    photography. For example, I've been struck by the generous nature in
    which seasoned photographers on this forum offer advice to beginners.
    This is really good, because we need new people in LF photography.
    As educational resources for LF photography fade, we will need to
    learn from each other. This forum facilitates that exchange.

    With all that said, the mediators on this forum have the following

    >> Guide the Direction of The LF Forum: I will publicize a set of
    guidelines for participation in a separate thread that are
    very much in keeping with those established by Tuan. They will also
    be consistent with those provided by These guidelines will
    be documented in the "About" link connected to the LF Forum so that
    they are always available.

    >> Perform Routine Maintenance: Sometimes titles need to be
    adjusted, threads that are out of date (e.g. announcements) need to be
    deleted, or categories need to be updated. For example, following the
    advice of Sal Santamaura, the number of uncategorized threads have
    been reduced from about 1800 to less than 75!

    >> Maintain a Professional and Courteous Environment: In heated
    moments, sometimes threads take an unfortunate turn. It doesn't
    happen very often, but when this occurs, the moderators will insert
    themselves in an appropriate way.

    I think it's very important that this forum persists. It's too
    valuable not to. I will do whatever I can to make sure that occurs.

    I look forward to being a moderator and participating on the LF Forum.
    I would appreciate any input that people have regarding this forum.
    I think it works best when people operate as a team.

  2. "...the number of uncategorized threads have been reduced from about 1800 to less than 75!"

    Wow Neil, thanks for that major effort. I hope everyone follows the guidelines so you won't have to do this again in the future.
  3. I'm happy to report that the final uncategorised thread has just been sent packing to the secure happiness and warmth of a proper category. New threads will be monitored as they're posted and categories assigned where needed, so things should stay in good shape.

    I think we should all raise a glass to Neil who has done the vast majority of the work here and recategorised a good 1400 of the 1500 or so threads that needed attention. I had this pegged as a 6 month project and reckon Neil's been staying up all night working to get it done so quickly!

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything that Neil has said in the message above. This is an amazing resource and that is due to the great people who are prepared to give their time and share their knowledge by taking part in it. I see our role as Neil does - to discretely maintain the friendly and positive atmosphere of the forum.

    I should add that I, too, will always be open to feedback about the way the forum is being moderated.
  4. "but when this occurs, the moderators will insert themselves in an appropriate way"

    Ye gods! That's enough of a threat to keep me quiet...

  5. Bravo to the two of you, Long Live The Forum, in peace and happiness to and from all of us that participate.

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