From the backyard--anything from the back of your home

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  1. Whittier Fire, in Southern California _HRJ3317_1000.jpg
  2. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    nice idea, Hector. a photo thread out of reach of the anal Walt.

    Image 2.jpg
  3. Nice abstrass
  4. Literally a 1: 20,0000 shot of my new neighbor, an albino groundhog.
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  5. My Darwinian Garden (back yard)
    Year 10​
  6. From out last backyard in Tennessee...

    Backyard Fence 6-16-11 C5D01a.jpg
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  7. My neighbor Edna's back yard DSC_0004.jpg
  8. Sandy Vongries

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  9. From my balcony.
    IMG_0332_Bij op bloem k.jpg
  10. Rear driveway, nice & secluded till you have to clear it!

  11. A little behind the back, more like the side,'s what it was like just a few minutes ago. pond tonight.jpg

    As you can see we live in a veritable hell on earth. Sad!

  12. [​IMG]
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