From Silver to Silicon

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  1. Will film survive? Yes, says a British scientist and photography
    expert. From Silver to Silicon is an interesing article in the British
    mag Amateur Photographer of 22 December 2001, by scientist Geoffrey
    Crawley - former B+W chemist for Paterson, and BJP editor for 21
    years. A very technical article, but among his comments, Crawley
    writes: "Most photographers - but not all - still find it preferable
    to work in black and white (in the darkroom). It gives a direct
    hands-on satisfaction that the computer keyboard, pre-set program
    routines and monitoring on a VDU somehow lack - especially if they
    already make everyday use of a computer in the workplace... As to the
    future, the full superseding by electronic means of silver halide
    systems could only occur if means are found to make still smaller
    pixels for the photo-sensor and more rapid and larger capacity image
    storage. Even then, film is likely to co-exist, as people enjoy having
    alternatives....And remember - it is what an image says that is most
    important, not the means use to make i

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