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  1. What is the length of time that you take to edit/post process and deliver proofs or disk? That is, how much time do you give yourself and promise your clients delivery of their pictures after the photo shoot? I typically allow at most 2 weeks. I work another full time job in addition to my photography work and want to give myself ample time to spend on editing/post processing if necessary. But I wonder if this is much too long to ask clients to wait.
  2. It all depends... when I shoot things like weddings, christenings etc, I usually upload an initial sampling to a locked gallery within 2-3 days of the shoot so the clients can see something and share with their friends. This is possible because images like that rarely need extensive post (and because I only shoot RAW I can salvage pretty much anything that may have gone slightly wrong within seconds in LR). The final edits are available within 2 weeks.
    Other commercial shoots take longer. A fashion shoot may take anything between 2-4 weeks (depending on how many shots there are and how much post is expected on each), while product shots are shorter. Larger campaigns may fall anywhere between a couple of weeks and a month or more....
    But a good rule of thumb would be to have SOMETHING for the client to see as soon as you can and then produce the final edits.
  3. I tell them 2 weeks. Then with I get their stuff to them a week later they think I'm a miracle worker.
  4. Depends on - as pointed out above -
    Event / stuff that requires little or no post processing - 1 - 2 days at most
    Senior / portrait sessions - 1 - 2 weeks -
    Weddings - 4 weeks.
    All of that is depending on the amount of post and the number of photos.
  5. For me it's usually around 2 weeks. I will often send the clients a coupla teaser images a few days after the shoot.
    If you mean from start to final delivery. It depends. Most of my clients want albums, it can take as long as 2-3 months. Alot also depends on client responses and change requests for album layouts.

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