French Riviera/Côte d'Azur in June

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  1. Hello all.

    Fully vaccinated now, I was looking to escape to France with my trusty Leica in a month or so (presuming France will open up to vaccinated tourists from USA). I've been to Nice, Cannes and Monaco a few years back and found plenty to do but I am wondering, with things just now re-opening to tourists, can I expect many things to do indoors (e.g. museums, tourists attractions)? I know there is a lot to see outdoors but if I get a rainy or cold day, I'd like to know if I can plan to do anything indoors, besides eating and drinking (which isn't a bad alternative).

    Any PNET members from that part of France have any guidance?

  2. Assuming they reopen the borders... which are currently closed to most non-EU residents, with strict additional restrictions for some countries (outbreaks of 'Variants of Concern')

    Find info here:

    Info Coronavirus Covid-19

    Covid et interdictions de voyages : quelles sont les règles ?

    Les prochaines étapes du déconfinement en détail

    If travel is allowed, bring a good supply of paper (surgical) masks, some places won't allow other types. Masks currently required in all public spaces, indoors and outdoors. A 9pm curfew is currently in force, but may be lifted by late June (see links above).

    Expect restrictions on visitor numbers for anything indoors and some things outdoors. Expect to have to reserve in order to eat, particularly if you want a table indoors (if allowed).

    Large metropolitan areas in particular risk being hit with instant restrictions in the event of an outbreak of a variant - this includes the south coast.

    Expect the south and west coasts to be exceptionally busy as most of the French population will be holidaying at home this year.

    No idea on what the rules are for Monaco, sorry.

    I live in central France, so I'm not completely sure on the situation in the south, things are only just starting to reopen here.
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  3. Steve -- Thanks so much! What is communicated (or at least what I have read) in the USA is "C'mon over to France, we're opening soon!" but very few details and almost no expectation setting in regards to many of the aspects which you touched upon. Thank you for helping set more realistic expectations. My *hope* is that in the next four weeks (I'd leave in a month) things continue to improve in France: more vaccinations, more businesses reopening, "life as usual" returning!
  4. Good morning,

    I just spend 2 weeks in south of France and everything is open, included the restaurants indoors. One needs a PCR test not older than 3 days even if you are vaccinated. More info here:
    Info Coronavirus Covid-19

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