Free or Open Source software for photo printing under Windows 10

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  1. Sorry, didn’t read all the suggestions so maybe this is already covered, but considering your use-case I wonder if my usage can be of inspiration:
    I photograph with my Nikon Z and wirelessly acquire the image on my smartphone via Nikons SnapBridge App.
    Select the image on the smartphone via the SELPHY app and print.
    If the image needs more editing than the SELPHY app provides I run the image through the free Snapseed app before printing with the SELPHY app.
    I imagine Fuji must have a similar smartphone app.
  2. They do, and I use it often, but my Selphy doesn't have WiFi. The Fuji app also locks up the camera when running (at least with my older cameras and phone). The big advantage of the wireless tethering is that I can be getting on with lining up and shooting the next client, while my assistant is printing out the previous one.

    Had a good test this morning, looks like Irfanview has the best set of printing options (I need some control over margins at least) and I can set XAcquire to launch it in fullscreen upon receipt of a new image (which looks impressive, but actually isn't that useful).

    If it proves popular enough, it'll be replaced by a proper system, with a bigger dye-sub and a commercial license on the software, but for now, it's all very much zero cost and not for profit
  3. Doesn't Windows 10 include a utility that you can use to crop and print your photos?
  4. Yes see link
    Edit photos and videos in Windows 10
  5. I find it useful to use a REC.709 profile for editing video, and a calibration (via XRite) profile for editing photos.
  6. What is a REC.709 profile and why is it useful for video?

    What is a calibration profile needed for editing photos? What is it?
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  8. I responded to the wrong thread. Sorry.

    That said, REC.709 is close to the colors on broadcast television, with one key reservation. No two TV's have the same color, nor is there any way to calibrate them. For that matter, no two broadcasts are the same. You can use a calibrated video monitor ($$$), but as with sRGB and photos, you hit an unhappy compromise for how your productions will appear to your clients.
  9. This link I just stumbled on might be of interest.

    There appear to be working Selphy ICC profiles in the zipped download on that page.
    Dunno - can't test - don't have a Selphy printer. However the user manual shows that the printer itself has many preset options, such as bordered or borderless printing, auto-correction, brightness, even redeye reduction! Everything in fact except Manual control of colour.:(
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