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  1. GoldE, 2-1/4 X 3-1/4 with 2-1/4 X 21/4 adaptor. It's in a carrying case with the manual slide carrier, 2-1/4 square adaptor, and 6 1/2" f4 lens. I'd guess the projector was made in the '50s, but it could be older
    The thing was given to me several years ago, but I'm never going to shoot MF chromes; I'm a B&W guy. It appears to be in very clean excellent condition. However, I have never plugged it in. I'm sure the thing is worth every penny I'm asking for it [free IS a very good price!]; perhaps a lot more to anyone who can use it. In any case, my wife wants it out and it looks much too good to go to a landfill.
    Pick-up only, in Brooklyn, NY (Prospect Lefferts Gardens, near Prospect Park). The projector is fairly heavy, and even in it's fitted carrying case, I doubt that it would survive shipping.
    If you're interested please answer here, or email me at: bmarvin[AT]plgarts[DOT]org
    Bob Marvin
  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Don't know if the film is available anymore, but there used to be a 6x6 B&W reversal film....;-)
  3. Fuji still makes 120 color reversal film; there are a few types on the B&H website. The last 2-1/4" slides I shot were on Agfacolor CT 50, in the late '60s.
  4. Anyhow, good for you.
    I think maybe I shot only one roll of 6x6 slide film. Ever. Anyhow, I still have the slides - long since scanned.
    Here from the early winter of 1967, in glorious Ektachrome on a Rollei TLR.
    Hope your projector finds a kind and loving home
  5. Some years ago, I saw one at an estate sale, but didn't have any use for one. I did buy some Tri-chem packs, though.
    I think I have one roll of 120 slide film, in case I find a use for it. And I am nowhere near NY.
  6. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    JDM -- looks like my "almost" major, anthropology-- a "dig". Couldn't stand to be around very many anthropologists for very long -- stones and bones folks weren't bad, but Social!!
  7. I have hundreds of mounted 6 X 6 cm slides stored from the seventies, but it's too long a distance from WI for the pick up. But thanks, for the memories!
  8. The projector has been claimed, by a young guy (possibly < 30) from Queens, who participates on the APUG [Analog Photography Users' Group] site, shoots medium format film, and plans to use it. That makes me VERY happy!
  9. @Sandy
    Yes, it was the first step (archaeological salvage at a damaged major site) that led to a over 50-year research program that is still on-going, now primarily in other hands.
  10. Thats great.. I'm glad someone will put it to use.. I remember wantiing one back in the mid 1980s and seeing how
    expensive they were.... and here.. you'RE giving one away!! I LLLLOOOVVVEEE MF chromes!!

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