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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by james_lai, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Preparing for a move, gotta clear some of the junk. Send me a few
    bucks for postage (or pick it up for free if you're in the Toronto
    area) and you can have any or all of the following:

    1. Auto Varimirax 2x teleconverter for Nikon non-AI. Probably from
    the Nikon F era, it has two positions for the meter coupling pin
    depending on whether your meter is TTL or not. Glass is good. No
    caps, sorry.

    2. JC Penney 2x teleconverter for Pentax screw mount. Glass is good.
    Includes front and rear caps and faux leather carrying case.

    3. Set of 3 extension tubes for Pentax screw mount. Tubes are 1 cm,
    1.9 cm and 2.8 cm long. Includes a Vivitar leather carrying case.

    All of the above look to be in very good condition (except the cases,
    which are ok but not great).

    4. Albinar lens case. Good condition. 7cm inner diameter, approx 6
    cm inside height.

    5. No-name lens case. Good condition. Same size as the Albinar.

    6. No-name lens case. Good condition. 8cm inner diameter, approx
    14cm inside height.

    Reply on this forum please. I can only answer during business hours
    because the house is being packed up and I have no access to the
    computer at home for the time being.
  2. Can I have 1 and 3?
  3. Hi James

    I would like to take the set of 3 extension tubes if they are still available. Thanks
  4. Daniel, I guess you were first on the extension tubes. Please e-mail me at james0426 AT rogers DOT com and I'll send you my contact info. If you want to pick them up, I live in North York (Yonge & Sheppard) and work in Richmond Hill (Highway 7 & Bayview), let me know which is more convenient for you.
  5. We're practically neighbors: I'm at Bathurst and 401. :>
  6. James,<br>
    I would love to take #2 if it's not taken yet.<br>

  7. Rajiv, it's yours. E-mail me (see my reply to Daniel).

    That's 1, 2 and 3 taken. Nobody wants lens cases?
  8. Lens cases are taken.

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