Free flash demonstrations - Vancouver, Seattle and London

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  1. Hi, folks. So my new book on EOS flash, Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography, is about to be released, and I'm going to be doing some free talks in Seattle, Vancouver and London over the next few weeks. The talks are going to be about getting started with flash photography, and will be system-agnostic.
    • Seattle, USA: April 21
    • Vancouver, Canada: April 24
    • London, UK: May 10
    More details at:
    I'm also holding a totally free prize draw for a copy of the book.
  2. Great stuff ~ I hope the book will be the success it deserves to be!
    I am in London ~ do we just roll up on the day there for the talk?
  3. Thank you! Hopefully lots of people will find it useful!
    Yes, it's just a special event at the Apple Store's theatre. No booking required.
  4. I'll see you there.
    (PS. If there are other members able to attend this event in London, perhaps we can meet before or after the talk for a coffee or something whilst also having an (unofficial) representation or presence of on the day?.
    Anybody interested? - please feel free to e:mail so that we don't clog up or hijack this thread if I haven't done so already!
  5. I'll see you in Vancouver man, sounds like an interesting night.
  6. I'm going to try to make the Seattle talk.
  7. I'm sorry to report that the Icelandic volcano has forced the cancellation of my Seattle and, most probably, Vancouver talks.
  8. With the kind support of Chapters Broadway and Ravenna Third Place Books, I've been able to reschedule my Vancouver and Seattle talks.
    Vancouver: May 22, 7 PM. Seattle: May 26, 7 PM.
    Thanks for your understanding.
  9. Just a note regarding my Seattle and Vancouver talks - I dodged the Heathrow ash closure by one day, so I'm safely in North America, and the talks are going ahead!
    However, I just noticed that the Vancouver talk has the time wrong. It's 5 PM. Sorry!
  10. Moved to member photo news forum, which now is the place for announcements like this.
    Glas you avoided the heathrow ash closure though. If I were less tired and busy with diapers and spit up rags, I'd truck up to Vancouver or down to Seattle and say hi.
  11. Interesting ... I should be able to check it out. I'll take some photos :p

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