Free Download of Peter Dechert's Canon SLR Book

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by jim_bielecki|1, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. I saw this on RFF. You can download, for free, Peter Dechert’s book on Canon SLR’s, 1959 to 1991.
    Here’s the link to the PDF site.
  2. Thanks very much for sharing this Jim, it looks like a good read!
  3. Terrific, thanks! And he has other books for downloading, also.
  4. free as in free but hard to figure out
    well i tried but did not finf a way to download nything/
    maybe it is just my eyes?
  5. Just click on the article or book you want to download. This should automatically bring up a PDF download page. At least it does on my computer (Mac-Mini running OS X).
  6. Nice find. I've always had a lot of respect for Dechert. I even wrote to hime once, asking if he could identify a Canon rangefinder I owned. He wrote back, politely informing me that it was a IVsb -- a very common Canon RF as it turned out. He sent his reply on a cool-looking postcard with a Canon Hansa on the facing page. That was some 30+ years ago. I've still got it around here somewhere.
    Too bad his book on Canon Rangefinders isn't among his titles listed. Oh well. I'm still glad to get his book on Canon SLRs. I'm sure he'll have some interesting insights to provide.
  7. It's a good read. His info and research on the earliest Canon SLR's is better than the later stuff. There are a few errors, suggesting that the FDn lenses were introduced in 1976 along with the F-1n, but, overall, it's the best book you're going to find on Canon 35mm SLR's. Can't beat the price, that's for sure.
  8. I was just interested in this, thanks a lot for this post, very helpful.
  9. Thanks for passing it on Jim.

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