Fredericksburg, Virginia, anyone?

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  1. I have to drive to Fredericksburg to shoot some portraits for a friend but I live in Richmond.
    As such I have no idea what the city's like -- I tend to skip it on the way to or from D.C.
    Anyone know of any places that might be good for exterior portratiture? In Richmond, I gravitate to some
    of the historical areas of town as well as places with nice greenery and large grass fields.
    Any direction would be helpful.

    Thanks in adavance.
  2. (Caveat: I visited Fredericksburg in 1999.)

    I can only speak to the Civil War sites. The heights where Longstreet posted his artillery are now a terraced Civil War era cemetery. A portion of the sunken road has been preserved.

    Lee's headquarters site was disappointing - the woods have pretty much obliterated the view it must have had in 1862. (I.e., it wouldn't be anybody's choice for a HQ site today.)

    For more open, less busy Civil War sites - visit the battlefield south (or southeast) of the city - where Meade had his brief breakthrough. You can find some trenches still visible there.

    To the West you can visit Chancellorsville - and Guiney Station, where Stonewall Jackson died. The foundations of the Chancellor house are still visible - near a busy intersection. The plantation buildings are Guiney Station are long gone, except for the little office building where Jackson died....

    Hopefully some local will add to this, and correct it if necessary....

  3. Thomas,

    I am also in Richmond, but used to travel to Fredricksburg on a regular basis. I remember being surprised at the diversity of the town (it always seemed like an outlet mall stop to me in my youth). The old town district by the river has a lot of character (similar to Shockoe Slip here, but larger), and might yield some interesting settings - doorways with character, etc. I am not as sure about the parklike situations there, but it's a pretty small town and getting to the rural areas is pretty easy and quick. I cannot remember the exact route to get downtown, but I believe it is off the Rt 17 exit headed East(?) I think.
    My 2 cents. Good luck - let me know how things turned out if you don't mind.


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