Fred Herzog passed away

Discussion in 'News' started by PaulCoen, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. very good kodachrome street work!
  2. He wasn't well-known outside of Canada for reasons I could never fathom. Prints of his Kodachromes are stunning. His book, Modern Color, is worth looking into.

    Fred Herzog 1930-2019
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  3. He was unknown to me. Very enjoyable.
  4. I became acquainted with his work on a visit to Vancouver several years ago. By the third photograph of his that I saw I was captivated. He was an outstanding street photographer, up there with the best of them in catching "decisive moments".
  5. Indeed ;)
  6. I first found out about Fred when viewing his show at the Equinox Gallery in Vancouver. Stunning Kodachromes displayed in large prints. He eventually switched over from film and was shooting for quite some time with a Fuji X10. A great loss to photography with his passing.
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  7. I have got to know about him from here, out of this posting. Now he is one of my favourite master!

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