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  1. Any suggestions for must see museums, sights etc. we will have 3 days to explore. How is public transportation? Easy to understand
    and get around? I know zero German.
  2. I've been to Frankfurt only briefly. The public transportation system is excellent, with an extensive subway system that can get you from the airport into the center of the city in something like fifteen minutes. Their modern art museum and film museums are good places to visit. People are helpful, and many speak English. The food is heavy, but tasty, with a lot of pork, beef and, yes, horse. If you prefer something lighter, I saw a McDonald's near the city center.
  3. If you insist on traditional German cuisine, yes, it may be hearty. In Frankfurt you have an excellent choice of any food you desire, though (some excellent Thai restaurants, one of which is Rama V.).
    Public transport is easy, and most of us Germans speak English, so don't fret. You'll get around without problems, I believe.
    You may want to visit the city webpage for further information, or the official tourist website. Have fun!
  4. old town is touristy but fun and offers some good opportunities for images of old fashioned architecture. cb :)
  5. You can take a river trip up to St. Goar. It has some nice castles along the way, and the trip up is all wine country. Up and back can easily be done in a day.
  6. If you able Heidelberg is not that far from Frankfurt and it provides some nice photo opportunities, as well as river cruises.
  7. Trip Adviser has some nice day trip recommendations for Frankfurt:

    I will be in Frankfurt for a couple days next year as well. I'm not sure about our itinerary yet but we will certainly visit the Saalburg Museum:
    Even German public transportation is great, we usually rent a car. That gives us more flexibility and it can save a lot of time.

    Have fun and good luck,
  8. Frankfurt was fantastic! Very walkable, nice weather, very friendly helpful people. European living is just more civilized than the us.
    Dining outdoors was a delight and no one is in a rush.

    By contrast it cost us 30 euros to get from the airport to the hotel but only 4 euros by train. The disconcerting part is after buying tickets
    for the train there are no turnstiles or conductors to collect tickets. You are simply expected to be honorable.

    The highlight was walking through the botanical garden and having lunch there. I would visit Germany again in a hearbeat.
  9. One of the specialties of Frankfurt is Apfelwein mit Handkase (apple wine with hand cheese).
    My advice is to stick with the bier, which is uniformly excellent in Deutschland.

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