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  1. A sad tale that ended well. Sent my black Spotmatic to my favorite repair guy for a total service, which he completed and then sent the camera back...but alas, the postal service decided to crush it's pretty black head...beyond repair!
    My repair Guru, Ben, was horrified at this outcome (well packed, wasn't his fault) and asked if he could somehow save the situation. Well, having many Spotmatics in various states of repair (don't we all) I gathered a chrome Spottie with a nice prism housing, another with a good clean base and sent them off with the wrecked one.
    Long story short, he combined the various cameras, using the refurbished black camera as a base and then threw in some nice red leatherette as well. I ended up with a really well functioning and multicolored all's good!
    We had a big sea fog on the coast a few weeks ago and as luck would have it, the Franken-Pentax was with me, along with my walk around lenses, 50mm 1.4, 28mm 3.5 and the 105mm 2.8.
    These shots were taken on Tri-X and developed in Pyro-cat HD.
    Here's the camera:
  2. First Pic.
  3. Next shot.
  4. Last one.
  5. Don't know why the beach shots appear so grainy, odd. Pentax lenses always amaze me, they are so common we often dismiss them as a bit ordinary, but they are far from that. Really well constructed with super smooth focusing...excellent sharpness too.
  6. All's I know is you take gorgeous photos; the grain fits as if the film knew. And that Pentax is mighty pretty!
  7. Your'e in the Zone, Tony. Nice series. Luv them Spotties!
  8. This is another of my "most beautiful SLR" cameras. Fortunately, I have one (well, actually 2) already of the earlier H2 model.
    A long-since sold Heiland Pentax H2 was my first "serious" camera.
  9. Simply outstanding shots Tony! That they were born in a unique Spotmatic (I too have a Honeywell Spotmatic and an H1a) is icing on the cake. But these images easily stand alone for what they are no matter what camera made them. Well done!
  10. Did the postal service offer any compensation? At least to cover the cost of a replacement.
  11. No John, we couldn't prove that they damaged it, the box seemed almost undamaged...strange! I must admit that our post is normally excellent, and this is the first problem I've had.
  12. Pretty camera and nice pictures. I particularly like "Fishing in the fog" and "Marran grass". Glad things worked out after the unexpected damage.
  13. Glad you could get your Spotmatic working again. They are truly great cameras.
  14. The "marran grass" picture is outstanding and those spotmatics are elegant. Strange things can happen to parcels but indeed, it is rare that the damage would be only on the contents and not on the package. Must have been a sign of destiny - to let you build a Frankencamera.
  15. Beautiful Tony.
  16. Tony,
    Your repair guy did a fine job giving you a working Spotmatic and you did a fine job showing us just what it could do.
    I think i like the marran grass the best.
    I think I have posted this Modern Photography Spotmatic test before but I think they are somewhat overlooked and deserve more attention.
    This is page 1.
  17. This is page 2.
  18. Fantastic pictures from a lovely camera. Interesting story. I work in the post office too. A lot of the time, the damage comes from the plant sorting machines. By the time the parcels get to me, I have to pass them to a supervisor to get separately wrapped with an apology. Thanks for posting.
  19. Tony, your images are true photographs in the highest meaning of the word. I wish I had one tenth your talent. Awesome stuff.
  20. My favorite is the "fisherman in fog", great camera, great images!
  21. Beautiful, Tony, the grains of Nature and film make such a fine amalgam. The Spotmatic remains one of my favourite walk-about cameras due to it's small dimensions and ease of use, and the red leatherette is glamourous, for sure. A sad tale with a demonstrably happy ending.
  22. Glad to see you were able to get a working Spotmatic out of all this. And great shots as well. Thanks for posting.
  23. A tragedy that was somehow rescued . I do like the red leatherete and those Takumars are beautiful and brilliant. I lucked into mine and I do find it the perfect SLR. I have the GDR Contax S Pentacon FM and when you compare them them it's scary! Your photos are incredible. A real master of B&W at work. Love the sand pictures and the Fishing Fog the streaming light in trees is not so easy to do! Good Work! Thanks
  24. Thanks again everyone, appreciate the comments. Marc, thanks also for the tests, you must have quite an archive! Interesting to see how well the 50mm 1.4 performed, no surprise here!
  25. Excellent photography Tony. Really appreciate the footprints and the sun burst shot, which you are an expert on :). I remember you shot a similar with your Voigtlander Superb, if I am not mistaken, 5-6 years ago.
    One question: whatever happened to your Camera of the Month project, I was quite fond of it! Did you do away with your nice collection?
  26. Hi Ralf, thanks for the feedback, and excellent memory with the Superb, there was a similar shot, but inland that time...I do love my fog.
    Oh, Camera of the month...really must start excuse now as my collection has not been done away with, in fact it has grown to alarming proportions! For the moment I will be posting a few here to kick off, got my scanner going well and I have a lot of shots that have already been taken.
  27. Nice photos Tony. I really like "sunbeams and ti-trees." I've been able to resist buying a Spotmatic to this point, but this post is not helping. I've still got a couple of cameras that I haven't even put a roll through. I need to rectify that before I buy anything else.
  28. I know precious little about classic cameras (shame on me).... but wow, what great photos! I'm not going to select some favourite, impossible to do so. Great work!
  29. Thanks Wouter, it's never too late to get acquainted with a CMC!
  30. I know it's never too late.... and actually I have an Ilford Sportsman (from what I gather, not really classic and nothing special, but it is manual) ready at home. Eager to try it, it's loaded with a fresh roll of film. Which unfortunately is ISO400 (Kodak TC400), as the available B/W films here were more or less shortlisted to this one. Given the season, and the 1/300th top shutterspeed of the camera, not really the most useful choice of film :)
    So I guess I will get acquainted once summer is over!

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