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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by geoffrey goldberg, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. The makers of Rollei have now announced a newsletter, available on line at:

    While focused on film cameras, still its signs of life.
  2. Well It goes to prove film is not DEAD yet! if a major camera company is willing to gamble and I use that word loosely, since they probably did their home work and felt it had a market for that camera! WOW!!
  3. If film dies completely so will many MF Winter photos. Most of these MF backs don't work well
    in temps below 32F ... and in 15F or less not at all. Read the specs if you doubt me. I had one
    totally fail while on a Winter assignment ... it was 20F outside. It wasn't the battery either. I
    had mine inside my coat on a tether.
  4. That's a pretty interesting TLR. Just for the sake of pondering, how expensive is it?
  5. Marc, that's just not true. My Sinar eMotion22 worked perfectly in -15'C (5'F). I have heard similar success stories about much lower temps.
  6. the tele and wide TLR have been around for a while. With a small factory, production runs
    can be small, and you can do niche products like this.

    Its good to see the electronic (web) side of F&H come up to snuff - they ve been a bit off the
    radar screen on this.
  7. I would buy one... if I had the money, knowing Rollei's reputation you can be sure it won't be cheap.
  8. What an amazing link. I have to say those images have been a bit of an epiphany;a reminder
    of the way I see photographically. Soppy nonsense probably,but a real eye opener anyway!

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