FP4 @ 64 in Rodinal 1+100 time suggestions

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I shot 18 rolls of 120 FP4 last weekend during one of the rare overcast days we have in LA. I usually shoot Pan F+ but felt that the extra stop might be necessary. I used to use FP4 quite a bit about four years ago but never got really good results i.e. dense highlights muddy shadows etc. I recall I finally got a good developing time for iso 125 in Rodinal 1+50. I cannot find very much on what would be a good starting time for iso 64 in Rodinal 1+100. Digital Truth lists a time of 21 minutes, but I recall their times to be little on the long side. If anyone has suggestions, please reply. This will be processed at 68 degrees and printed with a condenser enlarger. Thanks.
  2. 21 minutes according to the MDC: http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?Film=FP4&Developer=Rodinal&mdc=Search
  3. Personally, I was happy with FP4+ at EI 64 in ID-11 for around 9-10 minutes, depending on scene contrast. For bright sunshine I used closer to 9 minutes; overcast or shade closer to 10. If the Rodinal doesn't do the trick for you, give ID-11 or D-76 a shot. For really overcast or low contrast conditions try 11 minutes.
  4. as usual, i have to agree with lex. fp4 and id-11 is beautiful -- although lately i have been pulling it in perceptol. perhaps over agitation is giving you a problem with highlights?
  5. My notebook records a time of 18 minutes for FP4 at 50 in Rodinal at 1:100, so at 64 I'd give it 20 minutes - pretty much as MDC suggests.
  6. FP4+ and Rodinal is not the best combination. Try ID11/D76, Xtol/Excel W27 or Ilfosol for this film.
    FP4+ at EI 64 in ID-11 for around 9-10 minutes as Lex suggested is right and a very good combination.
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  7. I've never used ID-11 before. Is it a one shot liquid developer?
  8. Hmmm I see on Ilfords site it's a general use powder developer. I'll have to take a look when I go to Freestyle soon.
  9. A liquid developer who has some characteristics of ID11 is AM74/RHS. You can have nice results with this developer 1+19 and FP4+.
    Here is the Dutch datasheet of this nice semicompensating developer:
    6:00 min. in 1+19 and an E.I. of 80 will do fine.
  10. FP4 works just fine in Rodinal - around 20 minutes is right for 1+100 (as per the MDC).
    With Rodinal 1+100, if you can't find a time for slow speed films, 20 minutes is a good starting point.
  11. Thanks again for the replies. I'm really pressed for time so I think I'll stick with Rodinal. Since this was a overcast day and I've sinced learned the importance of gentle agitation, I'll give the first roll 20 minutes and tweak as needed for the rest.
  12. Hi again everyone. I just hung up my first roll to dry. All in all not bad looking....sky areas are perhaps a tad too dense but shouldn't be a problem. I'll know for sure when I print tomorrow. I can always cut back a minute or two in development if needed. Thanks again.
  13. Marc,
    For the record. D-76 is the same as ID-11. In the US, it's also once heck of a lot less expensive. FP4+ works very well in either. XTOL is even nicer.

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