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  1. Further to some posts here by Gerry about about the Olys, their names, and the smaller formats:

    They're all great choices. I like the feel of the u43 E-M series but the standard 43 seemed enough tiny for me
    and I'll be using these near vintage (?) models for the next few years until the u43rds craze dies down.

    When is a 8+ year old DSLR a vintage? It isn't. Shooting magazine covers with a 2001 DCS is still possible if it
    was back in the day. Keep the bodies in good order and it's entirely possible. There are so many choices today.
    For wildlife guys the u43rds + 300mm combo gives a 600mm punch in a tiny package but frankly, for anyone doing
    fashion any of the 43rds bodies seem to be enough.

    The way up for Oly is 43rds (again) with better and brighter prisms in their OVFs. I'll leave the EVFs for folks
    who like that kind of thing. It's possible they could put an OVF in a mirrorless (a la the Canon G series or the
    Nikon P7700 but they won't). So its "vintage" 43rds for me.
  2. "until the u43rds craze dies down"

    Regular 43 was abandoned by Oly because it was not competitive in the market against Canon & Nikon
    DSLRs, and I think there is a zero chance that it will ever be revived and a zero chance of seeing a micro 43rd
    camera with an OVF. Its a free country (for now), so you can use any type of camera you want if it works for
  3. I agree. FT is a dead system, MTF is alive and kicking. This is not to say that FT cameras and lenses are not still capable of good work.
  4. Well you could always adapt a Leitz Visoflex to your u4/3 body ! This will give you an optical viewfinder in addition to the electronic VF.
  5. The Leitz VF is very nice - but way way too big!

    FT is dead? No way. FT are capable of good work and there are enough bodies and lenses around for it to be very much alive for another 10 years. MFT craze will die down, and DSLR manufacturers will reign supreme again (Note the SL1 Rebel) or start innovating again for the "next great thing" - which is FT. Hipsters get older, eyes get worse, and EVFs continue to make promises they can't keep, which big bright OVFs with 100% will be improved. No OVF in MFT, not MFT for me. The E-M series are very nice, but for the same weight I can by 1 body (e-400-450) + 2 backup bodies (same type) + 3 grips (third party) + 3 lenses as one MFT Oly - no competition. I can shoot the same thing with a 2001 DCS DSLR as I can with a modern DSLR so a camera from 2006-9 is fine with me.

    One more thing - there's nothing interesting anymore about MFT. I like the compact mirrorless (MFT or non MFT mirrorless compact) format, especially the GF series, but frankly, a G9-11 or P7700 offers much more to me than either of these to a lot of shooters.
  6. Be happy. No need to justify. My wife still talks about her 1986 Mazda LX. Someone may still be driving that one I sold off on the Lemon Lot sans airbags.... Electronic viewfinders equal and surpass optical finders. Where have you been hiding? :)
  7. Gerry I agree.

    Aint gonna spend 2k on an E-M when I can buy 20 e-4xx series bodies + lens for the same coin.

    Will wait until hipsters sell their E-Ms to pay for their rent of the next fad, I'm guessing they'll rotate back to the TLRs within the half decade :D Should be a ton of "vintage" 2015 E-Ms on the market for peanuts then like you see a ton of early E-Pens on the market now (or FT for that matter)
    Nothing like a big beautiful and bright 100% OVF with a prism. No EVF can match it IMHO
  8. The shorter registration distance gives enormous scope for using legacy lenses and that includes e.g. enlarging or copying lenses.

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