Found film - Plus X Pan, late 50s in France

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  1. Found two rolls in a thrift store the other day & took them home to scan.

  2. US Army soldiers, and judging by a few frames appears to be in France in the mid to late late 1950s. 00.jpg 01.jpg 02.jpg
  3. Driving tanks by day... 03.jpg
  4. But never too busy for a little card playing and rest. 04.jpg
  5. Manage to swing a day off? Jump in the car and have a picnic... 05.jpg
  6. Didn't forget the beverages... 06.jpg
  7. Catch a few rays... 07.jpg
  8. Selfie time! 08.jpg
  9. Looks more German than French to me. At least the car is... (I think an Opel Rekord would be something of a rarity in France in the fifties). Also the suburban looking building on the selfie doesn't look very French. But of course I can be wrong.
  10. Actually that is the distinctive unit insignia and motto of the 11th US (Armored) Cavalry Regiment, the "Blackhorse Regiment".

    They were stationed in Germany in 1957-64, before going to Vietnam in 1966
  11. The tank appears to be an M48A2 or M48A2C Patton Tank which fits the late 1950s time frame.
  12. Thanks Rick, that's great information. I will contact the Blackhorse Association ( and offer the images to them. The gents in the photo would be in or near their eighties by now.
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  13. The left fender on the tank probably says 7A-11ACAV.

    I couldn't place the Kepis lying upside-down in the grass on the photo of the men playing cards, I thought it was typically French headwear, but it turns out they were part of the US uniform at the time.
  14. Crop from the original scan -- looks like 7A-11 [Delta] C. fender.jpg
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  15. Nice find and thanks for sharing. Glad the negatives had already been processed as undeveloped film can be tricky.
  16. Basically it translates to: 7th Army - 11th Armored Cavalry
    The code on the other fender tells you which company it belongs to and vehicle number in the regiment's table of organization.
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  17. More people shots for the benefit of our viewers from the Blackhorse Facebook group: 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg
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  18. ...and a few more. 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg
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  19. Some eBay auctions for undeveloped old film go for more than I would have expected.

    I suppose there are ones for developed negatives, too.

    I did once buy some slides in a thrift store, but didn't scan them.

    They were in a store that sells things for USD 0.49/pound.

    I have also seen old 8mm movies in auctions, but never bid on them.

    Pretty nice pictures!

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