Found any great deals?

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  1. How about a 30mm Olympus Macro at B&H for $99.00.
  2. Not really a Black Friday deal: Tokina12-28mm f/4.0 AT-X Pro APS-C Lens for Canon
    Strangely enough, only for the Canon version, the Nikon one stayed at $430. I shoot Nikon, so no deal for me:( store has/had a 25% discount on all things ThinkTank - remarkable since discounts are rare for that brand (aside from what they offer themselves in their outlet). Got a Streetwalker Pro V2.0 coming my way - as if I REALLY needed another camera bag.
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  3. Hey, I don't know if it's a"deal" or not, but I just snagged an Argus C-44 for the price of a fancy pizza with all the topping on it.o_O
  4. I bought a Panasonic Fz1000 for $460 on Ebay, to replace an old Fujifilm long zoom.
  5. Also the Olympus f1.8 25mm and 45mm for $199, and the 17mm f1.8 for $299 at B&H
  6. Pixma Pro-100 printer and 50 sheets of 13" X 19" Luster Pro paper for $379 before the $250 mail-in rebate.
  7. Well, the price was good anyway, but my Argus C44 turned out to be a nice Argus C4 instead. Unfortunately in the meantime I had picked up a good Argus C44 35mm lens, so now I am bidding on "real" C44s since the C4 was not interchangeable lens.:oops:
    This is unfortunately the sort of way I've got into trouble before (Prakticas, mirror lenses, etc.)
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