Found Ancient Pan X - How to Process?

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  1. I picked up three brass reloadable Leica cassettes on the weekend at a camera
    swap in Seattle. It seems that one actually has exposed film in it (I'll
    confirm in the darkoom). The cannister is labelled in pencil: Pan X, 40 ASA,
    April 1960. Can anyone suggest development times? I have Rodinal, HC-110 and
    D-76 on hand. Also, anything else I should do during the processing that I
    might not normally do?

    I'll make a point of posting any interesting images that I find.

  2. HC 110 Dil B is around 4 1/2 minutes. This is your best option since HC 110 keeps fog down. But the film is at the age where it may not turn out. I had some Pan X from 1946 that was completely black. But its worth a try.
  3. Thanks, Scott - I'll give that a try.
  4. Cassette film is notoriously prone to age fogging due to the loose wrap of the film inside of the cassette. Even with our extended experience and extreme processes for this type of film the success rates are sadly and frustratingly very low. Approximately 60 percent of the mentioned film of this vintage will we recover recognizable images. Good luck with it.


    Greg Miller

    Film Rescue International

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