Fotoman 45PS

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by matt_friel, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. anyone have this or had experience with it??

    If so what did you think??

  2. I havent used this camera, but I have used the 6x17 version and it was a very nice camera. Very well machined as well. The owner of Fotoman, Mr. Droluk is a very nice man as well.

    Hope it helps.

  3. i own and have used the fotoman 45PS camera. it is meant to be a "portable" large format camera. it is very well made, but you must purchase a special cone for each lens you wish to use. i only use one lens with the camera, so it is no big deal. the camera comes with a helical focus mount for zone focusing. i carry readyload film in my pocket, and have a readyload holder in the camera at all times. i compose the picture and set the f stop and exposure time. i insert the readyload film and shoot away. i do not carry film holders. i want the camera to be as portable as possible. i determine exposure with a meter just as do with my regular 4x5 camera. you have to be careful since you are hand holding the camera to make sure "camera shake" is not a problem. i have shot hand held with 110 mm lens, f16 @ 125 with no problems on a sunny day. if you are looking for this type of specialty camera, i can recommend it. i have had no problems. also, if you go to, you will find the response and support excellent.
  4. I've owned a Fotoman 45PS for a few months (with a 90mm Schneider SA f8). Very nice
    camera. I've used it a lot.

    I don't use it quite as intended (the 'PS' stands for Point and Shoot, I think).

    I generally use it on a tripod, and often use the removable ground glass for focusing and
    composition. I've been shooting interiors with it, with multiple flashes.

    It's my first 4x5 camera, so I can't provide a very knowledgeable assessment.

    The camera's well made, looks good, and is very light. Fotoman support is excellent.

    Complaints? 1. The ground glass is a simple affair, without a fresnel. I would have
    preferred to pay more for a brighter ground glass. 2. the viewfinder masks are very
    generous, showing more than appears on the film. I prefer to see slightly less (so consider
    ordering a viewfinder mask for a slightly longer lens - e.g. a 105mm mask for use with a
    90mm lens).

    Overall it's a great camera that's garnered a lot of interest from other photographers when
    I've been out and about shooting.

    I'm not really interested in camera movements and find the Fotoman's rigid construction
  5. I tested the 45PS and reviewed it in View Camera. It is a fun easy to use PS camera. Use it
    with a wide angle lens and do a bit of zone focus and you will get excellent results. Very well
    made anf good value for the price.

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