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  1. When I joined in 2003 I could buy Eastman Double X (5222) for five cents per foot. At the time there were very few users of this film on this forum or other forum sites as well. The popularity of this film among film photographers seems to have increased quite a lot over the last decade or two. No doubt the image quality of this film (seeing images from other members) has caused others to try it. If one looks at the Massive Development Chart there are many developer/time combinations for this film. I contributed a few of them myself. Fast forward to now- short ends of this film are hard to find and now the film is available in 100' lengths cut from master rolls or as 36 exposure rolls. Currently prices range from just above Ilford films to near the price of Kodak films (like Tri-X).
    No intention to make this sound like I'm complaining about film prices: just observations and the original question. Supply and demand may be a factor. Question: did enough forum participants (here and at other sites) provide a substantial increase in demand?
    Regardless, if this film and other films keep us using film, then it's all good. BTW, I have seen some great images from this film over the years.
  2. I think it might be more to do with decreasing demand from the movie sector, which no longer subsidises the 'short end' market.
  3. I expect that PN has a pretty small effect on the market.

    Maybe this one has slightly more influence:

    Vintage Film Shooters

    But as above, the movie industry likely more.
  4. less production to start. industry needs less they need to make less.

    then take in with less production and a roughly even demand from industry for it, that leaves a set amount for the rest of us. and if demand for it goes up, supply gets to be valued more.
  5. Re: any film price/availability issues: where have you been?

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