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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by rowlett, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    The following commonly used links on the Administration page should be grouped together in a more organized fashion so that they are more easily found:
    • Edit categories
    • View all the alerts
    • Add pattern
    • Look at expired threads
    • As it is, you have to scroll through the entire page and find the links embedded within paragraphs of text. A "control panel" look would be much easier.
  2. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    I've come up with a solution to this. For a long time my browser's home page has resided either on a LAN drive or my local C: volume, and it consists mostly of links to all the sites I visit. Since knows me as an administrator of the Leica forum, I don't have to enter a password each time I visit the administrator page like I had to in LUSENET. So I simply added links to these various functions to my browser's home page, and now I have my "control panel" look. This is definitely another advantage of over LUSENET! Works great.

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