For MFT: Sigma 56F1.4 vs Olympus 45F1.2 vs Olympus 75F1.8?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by fast_primes, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. Has anyone used at least 2 of these lenses and can offer a comparative analysis? The testing site (formerly, rates all three as excellent, with the 45F1.2 in particular, as being the best it's ever tested. Candidly, at being over a grand in cost, the 45 is beyond my budget, but still, it offers superb sharpness AND bokeh!!!
  2. I have the 45mm and 75 mm Oly. Both superb. The 45 focuses closer so might be considered more useful and it is faster of course. The 75mm is good because at 150mm it is a very small lens with a long reach. I use it for sports shooting when I am pressed for light. I use the 45mm more though. The Sigma is by all accounts excellent too and is much cheaper. If you are looking out for the $ I would probably get the Sigma. I agree the 45mm is expensive, but it is impressively good and f1.2. The plus for the 75mm is it's very small and gives about the same shallow depth of field at the 45mm f1.2 when shot wide open. Having got the 40-150mm I use the 75mm less, but I like both the 45 and 75mm for street shooting as they are unobtrusive.

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