Foma (Fomapan) 400 - expired film

Discussion in 'Minox' started by minoxit, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Expired roll of Fomapan 400,developed in Studional.Camera is Minox IIIs.
  2. very nice, How expired was it?
  3. Did you use a filter for the sky?

    --Micah in NC
  4. The film roll had a expiry date of 29/01/2008,but was refrigerated during all this time.Camera had the orange filter on,day was cloudy and raining.
  5. Nice scene. Wild wild east, indeed. Do you have several shots, e.g.2 more angles or times of the train? Would make a superb series when you frame them together. Very vintage looking with the vignetting on the corners. How come this happened with the IIIs? Is it due to the enlargement? E.g did u use a camera/camera lens to digitally copy the negative? I actually believe that this accidental vignetting gives the photo the wild wild east look. Very good and it actually makes the picture!
  6. I guess the corner thing is due to scanning actually.I scan using a Plustek 7200 and ,as this machine is not a pro scanner,it may lead to results such as this one here.
    Re other frames,alas no!This one is a one-shot thing.I know what you're saying,and I would've loved to have such a series.Oh well,perhaps another time:)

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